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Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site's author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to RG Enriquez and Astig Vegan with appropriate and specific direction to the original content Hello and welcome to Astig Vegan. Thank you for visiting the site. I hope you're enjoying it so far. My name is RG Enriquez. I am a vegan Filipina who believes that Filipino food can be vegan, healthy, and delicious, without losing its soul. I grew up in the Philippines until I was 15 years old. In 1997, my family and I migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area. Through my years of easing into.

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From the Astig Vegan blog, this dish uses a creative mixture of tofu and vegan hot dogs to recreate the texture and taste of this popular pasta dish, which was made famous stateside at Jolibee restaurants Shop recommended products from Astig Vegan on Amazon.com. Learn more about Astig Vegan's favorite products

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Although I have loved the Filipino cuisine that I tried in my pre-vegan days, I haven't even attempted to veganize a dish yet, let alone a breakfast plate wi.. In a bowl whisk together 1.5 cups warm water, peanut butter, and tamari, set aside. Add the reserved jasmine rice to a large pot over high heat. Toast the rice, stirring constantly, until it browns slightly and smells nutty, about 5 to 8 minutes. Transfer the toasted rice to a food processor and pulse into a coarse powder AstigVegan. 11,372 likes · 47 talking about this. Purveyor of delicious Vegan Filipino Food recipes. To prove that Filipino food can be vegan, healthy, & delicious w/o losing its soul. www.astigvegan.co My name is RG Enriquez. I'm a cook and a purveyor of both traditionally vegan and veganized Filipino recipes Astig Vegan | Vegan Filipina living in the SF Bay Area. Blogger/Certified Plant-based Professional/Entrepreneu

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Hi Guys! To get 10% discount on a Coco Jack, enter coupon code: ASTIGVEGANFilipino Coconut Pie is a sweet, hearty pie perfect with a cup of coffee or tea.ING.. AstigVegan. Astig is slang for Badass in Tagalog (a Filipino dialect). It's a wordplay popularized in the Philippines in the 70s, when then-young generation would flip the words to create their own language (ermats as in mother, erpats father, etc). Astig is slang for Tig-as, literally tough or. Drop one tablespoon of vegan butter onto the pan to melt. Once your skillet is fully heated, add in the king oyster mushrooms and sauté into the butter. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt & pepper. Leave alone for 1-2 minutes to caramelize in color and shrivel up in size

The creator of Astig Vegan, RG, is super fun to watch and informative. I love how warm her personality is and how she gives you the background to her recipes and many of the ingredients. When she posted a video series for a Filipino breakfast plate, Longsilog, I knew I had to try it This Astig Vegan Laing recipe is not just an answer to those looking for a vegan version, but an homage to my aunties who would happily cook for me and support my vegan journey. I've learned a thing or two from them about Filipino food and I hope somehow I've returned the favor by showing them the delicious side of vegan Filipino dishes 1 tbsp vegan fish sauce (you can substitute soy and add a piece of kombu to add some fishiness and funk) 2 cups (300 g) King's Vegetarian Roasted Soy Bites (or your favourite faux pork seitan) 12 pieces okra (215 g) (do not trim) 2.5 cups long beans (230 g), cut into 2-3 inch long pieces ; 4 cups (285 g) baby bok choy (about 5-6 bulbs, separated Astig Vegan used Chinese snow fungus (Tremella fuciformis) to substitute the 'beef tripe', which is a brilliant alternative, but totally optional for the dish. In my opinion, a vegan kare-kare is delicious on its own with an assortment of vegetables Here's a great dish for the summer: Fresh Lumpia rolls or Lumpiang Sariwa. For the full recipe including the ingredients list and text instructions, just g..

Astig Vegan / Via astigvegan.com This recipe for a Fillipino crab cake omelet can be made into one big omelet or into smaller, sharable-sized cakes like in the photos above. 32 Through Astig Vegan and her growing social media platform, Enriquez is spreading the word about plant-based Filipino food beyond her home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Astig is a slang word for tough, unique, or gutsy in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines, and that's how Enriquez sees her food Tortang Talong or Eggplant Omelette is made by frying eggplants dipped in egg batter. Many Filipinos love it because it's tasty and convenient to cook, especially if they're on a budget. Originally, Tortang Talong consists of eggplants and eggs. To veganize it, I replaced the eggs with a mixture that has squash, specifically, kabocha squash. Ingredients: 3-4 eggplants, roasted and peeled 1.

Today we have on the show RG Enriquez, the creative mind and cook behind Astig Vegan, one of the coolest Vegan Filipino resources online. Astig, by the way, is Filipino slang for kickass, and RG definitely lives up to the name. A former newsroom correspondent, RG's road to a plant-based cuisine, which she's been on for 12 years now. So thrilled to share that one of the major channels on @kumuph , SeenZone (an ABSCBN affiliate), invited Astig Vegan to stream live cooking videos. I will be cooking vegan dishes twice a week: Saturdays 12:30 pm-2 pm and Monday 12-1 pm MANILA TIME

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ASTIG VEGAN. This US-based food blog contains a lot of recipes of Filipino foods done vegan. I find this inspirational as I am planning to go back to being vegetarian. Well-researched and well-written interesting posts plus great food pics longsilog, which is scrambled eggs, Astig vegan style. For the ingredients we'll need 1 tbsp of refined coconut oil. 1 garlic clove minced. 2 blocks of tofu crumbled. Sea salt to taste. 1 cup of water. 1 cup of chickpea flour. 1 tablespoon of corn starch mixed with 4 tablespoons of water. 2 tablespoons o Astig Vegan. Big smile today at the #earthday demo at the @sfvegsociety booth. Thank you to the organizers, volunteers, and all those who made it. I had so much fun, I hope you did too! Did you know that going vegan is the best thing you could do to protect the planet? Go #Vegan ?? #astigvegan ??‍? #filipinovegan ? Relleno means stuffed in Tagalog and Spanish and Crab Relleno is similar to crab cakes, but also utilizes ingredients such as tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and more. Filipinxs usually serve this dish in a crab shell, hence stuffed crab, but in this vegan version from blogger Astig Vegan the patties are fried up to golden perfection and are best when enjoyed with rice and ketchup Vegan Pancit Palabok by Astig Vegan There are multiple varieties of pancit, but each equally represent the Philippines in their tasty renditions. This version features noodles topped with an eggy, vegetable-infused sauce, fried tofu, and vegan chicharron. Pancit is traditionally served for large gatherings, so be sure to use your largest.

Ginataang Munggo Guisado (Photo by Astig Vegan) Instructions. 1. In a pot, add mung beans and fill up with water enough to cover the beans. Put to a boil and lower down to a simmer. Cook for 45 minutes or until the beans have turned soft and mushy. Add more water if needed. Alternatively, you can use a pressure cooker and cook for 30 minutes RG @ Astig Vegan. San Francisco. Richgail Enriquez also known as RG, is a cook and a purveyor of recipes of both traditionally vegan and veganized Filipino dishes. All of her recipes could be found on her site, astigvegan.co

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When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Astig is a Tagalog word for tough, unique, or gutsy. RG Enriquez at Astig Vegan looks at vegan Filipino food as something Astig. Born and raised in Bacoor Cavite, Philippines, RG would help. Astig Vegan: Instagram: 22.5k followers: YouTube: 28.2K subscribers: 19. Raw Chef Yin. Yin is Malaysia's raw vegan celebrity chef with five books, a cooking show and countless demos and workshops under her belt. She trained at the world's leading raw & plant-based culinary academy and now dedicates her time to helping others make beautiful.

Share on Pinterest Photo: Astig Vegan While champorado originated as a hot chocolate in Mexico, the Filipinos made it their own by adding sticky rice. This blogger makes hers vegan by stirring in. She became a vegan in college, and now runs the food blog Astig Vegan. RG explains, 'Astig' is a Tagalog (Filipino dialect) slang word for tough, unique, or gutsy. I look at vegan Filipino food as something 'Astig.' This free event received partial funding support from the Friends of the Menlo Park Library Every Filipino has eaten a vegan Filipino dish. It's a bold claim but it also happens to be true. RG Enriquez-Diez, the Astig Vegan, enumerates commonly-found and widely-loved Filipino classics that are free of animal products: suman, adobong kangkong, ginisang munggoShe keeps going but we're convinced Vegan Mac and Cheese. The combination of soaked cashews and nutritional yeast creates a savory sauce for this vegan mac and cheese. The cashews don't blend up completely smooth, but will have a fine texture even after processing, which helps the sauce cling to the noodles. This dish is perfect for a vegan Christmas dinner or any holiday meal 10. Lin Chi Pin. This Costa Rican native currently resides in San Francisco and co-organizes The Joy PotLuck Club, a vegan food meetup by and for Asians in the SF Bay Area, and shares his bright, cheerful, plant-based versions of flan de coco, Chinese bakery style birthday cake, and Persian fesenjān. Instagram

Sisig is a traditional Kapampangan pulutan, a dish that goes well with an alcoholic drink. This vegan version tastes just like the original except you can make this in half the time. Top with a vegan fried egg for an authentic sisig experience. Recipe by: RG Enriquez of Astig Vegan Photos by: Erika Galer Vegan Mechado (Photo courtesy of Astig Vegan) Directions. Make sure the wheat gluten you've bought is firm and dense. Usually, the edges will be a soft and tender. If so, cut out these edges and only use the firm, middle part. Cut the firm part into big chunks and bake them with no oil at 375 degrees in the oven-this baking trick is credited. In order to veganize this recipe, I turned to Astig Vegan, a genius filipino vegan chef that is doing amazing things over on her blog. She has veganized tons of family favorites, including Kare Kare. Bagoong is a filipino condiment made of fish or shrimp. It is a paste that is paired with various dishes, with Kare Kare being one of them Yep. And it works too. All you need is a bunch of the leafy vegetable, beer batter, and very hot oil. Cheap, tasty, and it remains crispy even the day after. It is definitely a dish to try making. See how you can make it yourself here. Photo by ASTIG Vegan. By Kat Cabasan Astig Vegan's Turon with Jackfruit Turon is one Filipino food it's easy to find vegan. This recipe from Astig Vegan presents how to make the delicious wrapped bananas

Vegan Longganisa (Photo by Astig Vegan) L ongganisa is derived from the Spanish version, Longaniza. Why the Spanish connection? Spain has colonized the Philippines for about 500 years and has left its deep culinary influence in Filipino Food Oct 15, 2015 - Astig Vegan reveals a better way on how to make vegan pancit palabok. This new version features more whole-based ingredients, even for vegan chicharon! Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

Keto Diet Plan Filipino Chicken Adobo 7 Day Dash Diet Menu Eatingwell Filipino Vegetable Recipes 16 Vegan Versions Of Classic Filipino Dishes Pet Using a high speed blender, puree the soaked cashews with ¼ cup of water. Set aside. Heat a small sauce pan over low heat and add the cashew cream, corn starch or arrowroot mixture, chickpea flour, coco palm sugar, natural sugar, and black salt ASTIG Vegan | Vegan Filipino Food. San Francisco, California, US Hello and welcome to the blog, Astig Vegan! My name is RG Enriquez. I'm a cook and a purveyor of both traditionally vegan and veganized Filipino recipes. I believe that Filipino food can be vegan, healthy, and delicious, without losing its soul Manila Vegans. This is a group for vegans and the vegan-curious in Manila. Here we are free to discuss ethics, animal rights, speciesism, advocacy, as well as seek and provide support on the practical aspects of being vegan such as cooking tips, restaurant recommendations, and dealing with the non-vegan world. Vegan Philippines (EPA

Astig Vegan Live Chikahan - vegan Adobo. AstigVegan. 2.1K views · July 18. 7:50. Several weeks ago, I planted potatoes that were growing some eyes in my kitchen pantry. Over time, I kept adding soil to encourage foliage growth. I took videos and posted them here. And after some time, my potato plants have grown flowers, and some of the foliage. Astig Vegan Lorna's Tearoom Delights Emmy Cooks Running Eater The Vegan Kat Cupcakes and Showtunes Bite Me (I'm Vegan) Sweet Veg The Cruelty-free Review Lemongrass and Ginger Veggie Nook Sophie's Foodie Files The Veg Bar. I'm also working on getting everyone's site onto a Potluck board on Pinterest. Thanks to everyone who has signed up Learn more vegan recipes from Astig Vegan, Kitchen Revolution, Jertie's Kitchen, and The Healthy Pinay Veg Talks Learn more about zero waste living, urban gardening, raising vegan children, the impact of saving animals, and shifting consciousness AstigVegan. 11,549 likes · 157 talking about this. Purveyor of delicious Vegan Filipino Food recipes. To prove that Filipino food can be vegan, healthy, & delicious w/o losing its soul...

Dec 30, 2016 - Perfect for those watching their health, Quinoa Lugaw is a great alternative to the traditional Filipino Lugaw rice porrige Ask Astig Vegan Tofu Black Bean Sauce Vegan Hotdogs Vegetarian Lumpia Filipino Spring Rolls Confessions Of A Vegetable Lumpiang Shanghai Astig Vegan Lumpiang Gulay Vegetable Egg Roll Recipe Vegetable Lumpiang Shanghai Simply Bakings Vegan Lumpia Shanghai Vegan Lumpiang Shangai Recipe. today, I'm going to make Astig Vegan's veganized Longsilog and tell you what I thought of her recipes. Longsilog is a Filipino breakfast plate with three items. You've got your eggs and sausage in there but in true Asian form, instead of toast or hashbrowns, you've got rice. RG , the creator of Astig Vegan created a 3 part vide

Puto Bumbong is a Philippine street food that is traditionally steamed in bamboo tubes and served during the holiday season. This classic treat is easy to become nostalgic for and this delicious, easy recipe helps take you back Hello and welcome to the blog, Astig Vegan! My name is RG Enriquez. I'm a cook and a purveyor of both traditionally vegan and veganized Filipino recipes. I believe that Filipino food can be vegan, healthy, and delicious, without losing its soul. Frequency 1 post / quarter Also in Vegan Blogs, Filipino Food Blogs astigvegan.co Vegan Dinuguan (Photo by Astig Vegan) NOTES. Feel free to cook the tofu and gluten cake before you start or while you're simultaneously sautéing the oyster mushrooms and spices. If you want this to be gluten-free, simply skip the gluten cake. It's best to use finger chilis so seek them first. I got mine at the farmers market Being away from the Philippines and being vegan, RG has longed for the food of her homeland. With the help of her mother, she has veganized her favorite Filipino classics. RG formed the website, Astig Vegan, to show the world that Filipino food can be vegan, healthy, and delicious, without losing its soul Choose from Sekaya Raw Actives Barley Green to keep the digestive system healthy, Daily Greens to boost daily intake of essential nutrients, Maca Factor to help regulate stress hormones, Pea Protein to speed up muscle recovery, Powerbeet to increase energy during workouts, and Vegan Protein to sustain a plant-based lifestyle

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  1. Oyster Mushroom Escargot Astig Vegan. garlic cloves, white wine, green chili pepper, cooking oil, black bean sauce and 6 more. Oyster Mushroom Soup Edible Wild Food. onions, coconut oil, salt, potatoes, oyster mushrooms, vegetable stock and 3 more. Oyster Mushroom Scampi Happy Herbivore
  2. 2 tables coconut sugar to taste. Plant based ingredients for the vegan caldereta. In a wide pan over medium heat, heat oil. Add potatoes and carrots and cook until lightly browned. Remove from pot and drain on paper towels. Remove oil from the pan except for about 2 tablespoons. Add onions and garlic and cook until limp
  3. Cook along, if you like, as Astig Vegan chef RG Enriquez shows us how to make her delicious take on a Filipino classic—Pancit— on Tuesday, May 18, from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Register online. Enriquez, a self-styled passionate purveyor of vegan Filipino recipes, will take us along step-by-step as she prepares her own take on [
  4. ute meals vegan,.
  5. utes or until translucent. Add onions and veggies and a generous pinch of salt. Increase heat to medium high. Cook for 2 to 3
  6. Astig Vegan's Turon with Jackfruit. A Cozy Soup. food, recipes, vegan A Cozy Soup. Peanut Butter and Apricot Jam Cookies. food, recipes, vegan Peanut Butter and Apricot Jam Cookies. Vegan Apple Cake. food, recipes, vegan Vegan Apple Cake. Dinner at The Coup. food, travel, vegan Dinner at The Coup
  7. g vegan, RG made it her mission to show that Filipino Food can be vegan, healthy, and delicious.
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Touted as the biggest vegan festival in Asia, the two-day event will feature a total of 150 all-vegan merchants showcasing a whole host of food and non-food items free of any animal products. This year's theme Live Kindly for the Community celebrates going vegan for animal rights, for health, and for the environment astig vegan, letting you know that Filipino food can be vegan, healthy, and delicious, without losing its soul. Kain na, let's eat! All credits go to rcestudios. Previous. Yoga For Healthy Happy Hips. Next. 7 Day Vegan Challenge | 7 Day Big Kale Salad Challenge by Tasty Mukbang Eats Better known as Astig Vegan, on social media, Enriquez has a YouTube show that features Filipino-style cooking with no meat, dairy or eggs. She teaches her audience how to make kare-kare. Astig Vegan Bibingka Mix $ 5.99 / Sold Out $ 5.99 / Sold Ou As we age, our skin changes. It becomes thinner, we have more wrinkles, and it doesn't repair as quickly as it used to. We have to take care of our skin differently now that it's older. Regardless of your age, you are beautiful, and there are ways to make your epidermis look great. We have some

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Astig Vegan Kain na, Let's eat Tee $ 20.00 / Sold Out $ 20.00 / Sold Ou 1-2 banana blossom buds + water and juice of one lemon for soaking; 3 tablespoons oil; 4 garlic cloves, peeled, crushed, and minced; 1 yellow onion, peeled and chopped; few pinches sea salt; 8 cups of water; 2 eggplants, cut into one-inch slices; 2 cups vegetable broth or more to taste; 4½ tablespoons achuete or annatto powder, mixed and fully dissolved in 2 cups wate ASTIG Vegan: Vegan Kaldereta 2012-09-21. Passionately Keren: 5 Vegan Eats in Tokyo 2014-08-30. About VM. Rika & Doni run the vegan food and travel blog Vegan Miam. They love bold, global flavors and have a passion for crafting plant-based recipes inspired by their travels. They aren't afraid of some funk and fermentation and certainly enjoy a. Crystal Tofu Dumplings (Vegan Har Gow) Vegan Tim Horton's Pumpkin Spice Muffins. Vegan Mushroom Dumplings 3 Ways: Boiled, Steamed, and Pan-fried. Salt and Pepper Tofu. Vegan Hide and Seek Chicken (La Zi Ji) Vegan Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. Vegan Honey Butter Chicken Recipe

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Whatever the situation, we always have to give our best and be at our best— whether at home or at work, for our loved ones or the people around us. But in order to be at our best, we first need to feel our best. That is why choosing the right grooming products is key in ensuring that we get tha 10 Best Raw Vegan Recipes Raw Vegan Food Delish Com. Ratatouille. 31 Tasty Vegan Recipes That Are Totally Oil Free. 1 Pot Everyday Lentil Soup. London United Kingdom Vegan Cooking Class Events Eventbrite. Vegetarian Casserole Recipes Bbc Good Food. 12 Game Changing Vegan Recipes For Athletes Low Carb, Low Sugar Fried Rice Astig Vegan. garlic cloves, bay leaves, salt, garlic, Thai basil leaves, cooking oil and 9 more. Easy Homemade Low-Sodium Salsa Diabetic Foodie. chopped fresh cilantro, fresh lime juice, green onions, tomatoes and 1 more. Vegan Vegetable Soup {Low Sodium} SoFabFood Posts about vegan written by Michelle. Getting ready for a new game coming out soon? The November release of Warlords of Draenor inspired me to write about some vegan gaming snacks.. Be warned: Most of these are not in the least bit healthy for you, but they will get you through an all-night gaming session Group dedicated to promoting veganism - vegan food recipes, animal rights, support, and health in the Philippines. This group focuses on the Philippines however it is open to all

Prepare the sauce by combining soy sauce, tahini, sriracha, chili garlic sauce, rice wine vinegar, and 1 tbsp sesame oil in a bowl. Stir to combine and set aside. Bring a pot of water to a boil over high heat. Add soba noodles and cook according to package instructions. When done cooking, drain and rinse with cold water Vegan Longsilog - A Filipino Breakfast Plate by Astig Vegan Breakfast, Gluten-Free, Plant-based Protein (Meat Alternatives), Salads Vegan Enchiladas Recipe Beans + Legumes, Dinner Mains, Grains, HCLF + 801010, Nut Free, Oil-free, Soy + Nut Free, Soy Fre Astig Vegan & Gluten-Free Filipino Peanut Stew With Eggplant After several days in the kitchen testing and altering recipes, I finally perfected my Vegan & Gluten-Free Filipino Read More

Astig Vegan. Founded by RG Enriquez - RG is a cook who believes that Filipino food can be vegan, healthy, and delicious, without losing its soul. Check out how her recipes unfold in her YouTube cooking show, Astig Vegan Cooking. My favorite post: Vegan Filipino Peanut Stew. Social Media Profiles: Instagram and Youtub Increase Serving. Original recipe yields 2 servings. The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified. Ingredient Checklist. 2 large frozen bananas, cut into small chunks. 1 cup unsweetened almond milk. 1 tablespoon chopped pecans. 1 pinch ground cinnamon, or to taste. Add all ingredients to shopping list

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INGREDIENTS: Makes 6 servings 1/2 pack of Spaghetti (or any pasta, e.g. elbow, shell, etc.) 1 clove of garlic, crushed 1/2 onion, chopped 2 tbsp Harvest Vegetarian Broth 1/4 cup celery, thinly sliced 1/4 cup carrots, julienned or in small cubes 1/2 cup cabbage, shredded 3 cup Vegan Pinoy food. Vegan Filipino Food Anyone ? (An Interview with the Astig Vegan: Recipe for Vegan Filipino Spaghetti Included ) It's been often said. Pork is king and seafood is queen in Philippine cuisine. So what would Filipino food be without meat, seafood or any animal-derived products? Well,. Read more Posted on October 27, 2010 by RG @ Astig Vegan (original post: Union City Patch.com ) Dancing to the music of Usher, Lady Gaga and Rihanna, Tri-City residents with special needs showed they, too, can turn the party up Posted on December 29, 2009 by RG @ Astig Vegan For most of us, the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. We give and receive gifts and spend quality time with our family and friends It turns out that karioka is vegan. That piqued my interest, and I started wondering if there were other vegan Filipino foods. One day Helen and I were chatting on Twitter about a recipe by Astig Vegan for vegan lumpia, one of the quintessential Filipino foods. I was surprised to find that lumpia wrappers are vegan. I had been sure that there.

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