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  1. Shop for Deli Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter at Kroger. Find quality products to add to your Shopping List or order online for Delivery or Pickup
  2. Mini Croissant Sandwiches. Our flakey, all-butter croissants stuffed with all-white meat chicken, tuna, ham, seafood and egg salads. Elegant yet satisfying. SERVES 24. Additional nutrition information available upon request. $37.99. Special Instructions (250 characters maximum) 250 characters remaining
  3. Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray. $39.95. Choose up to three varieties from the following flavors: Ham and Swiss, Turkey and Cheddar, Roast Beef and Cheddar, Tuna Salad, Egg Salad or Chicken Salad. Mustard and mayo packets included. Contains 12 sandwiches
  4. i croissants with up to 3 chicken salad flavors of your choice. Please note: Each flavor is one third of the platter. To order additional platters with a different set of flavors, please make your initial selections, then scroll down to Save and Add Another. Serves 10-12. Cal. per person. $41.00
  5. Mini Croissant Sandwich Luncheon. Our Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter with your choice of 3 chicken salad flavors. Please Note: Each flavor is one third of the platter. Pick two sides: Broccoli Salad, Grape Salad, Mixed Green Salad, Pasta Salad, Fresh Fruit, or Chips. Select your sweet treat: Buttercream Frosted Cookies or Chocolate Crispy Bites
  6. 1) Cut the croissants along the center to form a top and bottom sandwich piece. Then, place all the croissants into the baking dish. 2) Stack and cut the cheese into thirds. Then, place a piece of cheese into each croissant. I did one filled one dish with cheddar and the other with Swiss. 3) Stack 12 pieces of lunch meat, and cut the stack in half
  7. 1⁄2 of a Deluxe Sandwich and your choice of soup or fresh fruit. Each box comes with chips, pickle and a Dessert Choice. (990-1170 cal) Roasted turkey breast, fresh-made guacamole, tomato, organic field greens, bacon and Swiss on an all-butter croissant. Fresh fruit or baked chips, and Dessert Choice

Wellsley Farms Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter Contains 30 mini sandwiches. Wellsley Farms roast beef, oven-roasted turkey and honey ham. (serves 10-15) $29.99: Wellsley Farms Deluxe Sandwich Ring Honey ham, smoked turkey breast, Swiss cheese, sliced tomatoes and lettuce. (serves 12-15) $27.99: Dietz & Watson Deluxe Sandwich Rin Costco Croissant Sandwich Platter: Serves 10 people. Turkey Breast, Ham, Roast Beef: 29.99: COSTCO PARTY TRAYS AND PARTY PLATTERS: Prawn Platter: Serves 8 people. Comes with cocktail sauce. 49.98: Sushi Platter: Serves 24. Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Crispy Chicken and Vegetable Tempura : 36.99: Buffalo Wings Platter (Chilled) Serves 15 people, comes. Premium Boar's Head meat and cheese is tucked into a buttery, flaky, freshly baked mini croissant to take your meal from ordinary to extraordinary. The medium tray includes 18 mini croissant sandwiches—6 turkey/cheddar, 6 ham/swiss, and 6 roast beef. The large tray features 24 mini croissant sandwiches—8 each of turkey/cheddar, ham/swiss.

This time, we will try to replicate Costco croissant sandwich platter. This unique food turns out to be known to many people because of its delicious taste and the unusual combination of sandwiches with croissants. Basically, the composition and shape of this mini platter croissant sandwich really resemble a sandwich Boar's Head Mini Croissant Sandwich Party Tray, Limit 4. Serves 18-24. Serves 18-24. $51.49. $51.49. $51.49 each. Product description. This array of delicious, mini croissant sandwiches is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Made with a distinctive selection of Boar's Head premium meats and cheeses

BJ's catering offers super sandwiches that are stacked with absolute freshness and excellent taste. BJ's super sandwiches favorites are Wellsley Farms mini croissant sandwich platter, Deli Fresh Sandwich Ring, and 3-Foot American Hero Sub. BJ's catering super sandwich plattter prices start as low as $26.99 and they serve a group of 10-15 Mini croissant sandwich platter | Porto's Bakery. Saved by Lia Saville-Finch. Sandwich Platter Croissant Sandwich Mini Croissants 40 And Fabulous Mini Sandwiches Catering Food Miniature Food Zucchini Bakery. More information.

Get Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter delivered to you within two hours via Instacart. Contactless delivery and your first delivery is free! Start shopping with Instacart now to get products, on-demand Costco sandwich platters include ready made and cut sandwiches using top of the line ingredients - chicken salad, egg salad, ham & cheese and roast beef & cheese. Costco also offers a croissant platter , which includes turkey breast, ham, and roast beef along with lettuce and mustard Rotisserie Chicken Salad Mini Croissant Party Tray, Limit 4. Serving Size 1 sandwich(61g) Serving Per Container 24. Amount Per Serving. CALORIES: 130: CALORIES FROM FAT: 60 %DV. TOTAL FAT: 7g: 11% SATURATED FAT: 2.5g: 13% TRANS FAT: 0g: CHOLESTEROL: 15mg: 5%.

© French Bakery L.L.C. All rights reserved. Shopping cart close. Artisan Sandwich Tray (Large) $ 60.00; Artisan Sandwich Tray (Medium) $ 45.00; Boar's Head Sub Sandwich $ 18.00 - $ 50.00; Mini Chicken Salad Croissant Tray $ 40.00 - $ 50.00; Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray $ 45.00 - $ 55.00; Sandwich Sliders Tray $ 40.00 - $ 50.00; Wrap Tray (Large) $ 45.00; Wrap Tray (Medium) $ 35.0 5 Mini Sandwich Platter. د. Related products. Add to cart. 7 Canape Platter د.إ 75.00. Add to cart. 1 Mini Croissant Platter د.. Petite Classic Tray. These tasteful mini sandwiches are made with either fresh baked cocktail rolls or flaky mini croissants. Choose from either Deli Meat including Beef, Turkey, & Ham or Deli Protein Salads including Chicken Salad, Ham Salad, & Tuna Salad

Shop Deli Catering Tray Croissant Sandwich 12-16 Servings - Each (Please allow 24 hours for delivery or pickup) from Safeway. Browse our wide selection of Deli Catering Trays for Delivery or Drive Up & Go to pick up at the store 30 Croissant Platter - $93.95. Mini Slider Sandwiches Served on mini slider buns We serve an assortment of: Egg, Tuna & Chicken Salad Smoked Ham & Cheese Turkey BLT Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese 15 Sandwich Platter - $49.95 20 Sandwich Platter - $63.95 30 Sandwich Platter - $93.95. Key Information & Planning. All of our platters are.

Browse Hannaford's Deli Platters to begin building your online shopping list or grocery cart. Browse 1000's of fresh, local, quality products Classic Sandwich Tray. Serves 12-18 - $68.99. Your choice of 4 options - Turkey, Bacon, and Provolone on Sourdough, Ham and Swiss on Multigrain, Corned Beef and Swiss on Rye, Roast Beef and Cheddar on Wheat, Ham, Salami, and Provolone on a Ciabatta, Tuna Salad on a Kaiser Roll, or Chicken Salad on a Kaiser Roll. $ 45.99 Mini Croissant Sandwich Trays. $2.49 each :|: Includes your choice of any meat and cheese :|: 10 sandwich minimum. +Images shown are illustrative. Visit us to see what's available!+

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Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter $ 50.00 - $ 110.00. Yummy mini fresh baked butter croissant sandwiches. Platter Size: Meat: Clear: Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Category: Brunch. Description Reviews (0) Description. Yummy mini fresh baked butter croissant sandwiches.. Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray An elegant selection of miniature croissant sandwiches made with Roast Beef, Turkey and Ham, topped with Cheddar, Swiss or Provolone cheese, and garnished with lettuce and tomatoes. Large Serves 24 $49.99; or $59.99 with Boar's Head Small Serves 12 $26.99; or $36.99 with Boar's Head Sandwich Ring The king of. Mini Croissant Sandwich Platters. Our mini croissant sandwiches are great for something a little different other then your normal sandwich platters. Each platter includes: turkey, ham, roast beef, chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad and eight shrimp salad. 25 pieces to a platter Sliced Cheese Platter. Sliced for Sandwiches - A great variety of your favorite domestic cheeses sliced just right. Mini Croissant Sandwiches. Delicious savory fresh croissants with assorted thin sliced fresh ham and turkey and your choice of Swiss or American cheese. (15 ct.) Medium (16″) $49.99 (21 ct.) Large (18″) $59.99 (27 ct.

The Fresh Market offers more than 70 delicious party platters and family size meals for any occasion. No fuss, no mess, and no prep required! Chicken Salad Croissants. Mini Sandwiches. $19.99 . Mini Salad Sandwiches. $19.99 . Bistro Sandwiches. $24.99 . Signature Wraps. $59.99 . Gourmet Wraps Croissant Special - $ 3.00 per Croissant Choose from a variety of Tuna, Chicken, Egg and Shrimp Salad on a mini Croissant. Tea Sandwiches - $ 4.30 per Sandwich Choice of sliced Meats or Salads on Rye, Pumpernickel, Wheat or White Bread. Assorted Deli Sandwich Tray - $ 7.00 per Sandwich White, Wheat & Rye Bread with Lettuce and Tomato and cut in. Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray Small Serves 6-12 $31.99 Medium Serves 12-24 $62.99 Large Serves 24-32 $77.99 28. Focaccia Sandwich Tray 16 Beef Serves 10-12 $42.99 16 Ham Serves 10-12 $39.99 16 Turkey Serves 10-12 $39.99 40. Brownie Bite Tray 12 Festive Serves 15 $12.99.


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  1. Sandwiches, Sub Platters and Mini Croissant Platters Sandwiches, Sub Platters and Mini Croissant Platters. Sandwiches. 1/4lb Brat - $2.49. 1/4lb Hamburger - $2.49. 1/4lb Chicago Style Hot Dog - $2.49. Prices include buns and condiments for brats, hamburgers, and hot dogs. BBQ Pork - $6.99/lb. Hot Roastbeef - $7.99/lb. Hot or Cold Turkey - $6.99/l
  2. i croissant rolls with lettuce, a mayo mustard blend Assorted Mini Sandwich Platter (30 servings). $95.0
  3. iatures (63 count) ($12.76) Member's Mark gourmet brownie platter (20 count) ($19.98
  4. i croissants filled with maple glazed turkey and swiss, tavern ham and cheddar, roast beef and pepperjack cheese and zippy chicken salad. Mezzo (30 pcs) Grandis (45 pcs) SKU: N/A Categories: Mini Sand Platters, Party Platters, Sandwich Platters, Sandwiches Tag: Platter Product ID: 1321
  5. Sandwich Ring with Dietz & Watson Virginia Baked Ham, Black Forest Turkey and Colby Jack Cheese. Both include sliced Tomatoes and Lettuce. See order form for options and pricing. Wellsley Farms Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter Serves 10 - 15 Contains 30 Mini Sandwiches. Wellsley Farms Roast Beef, Oven-Roasted Turkey and Honey Ham
  6. This time, instead of a sandwich made of two pieces of toasts, go for an egg-and-avocado sandwich made of two halves of a croissant. Fried, scrambled, poached, or sunny-side up - whatever your preference, this satisfying breakfast will make sure you have a productive day without making you late for work

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Get Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray (32 oz) delivered to you within two hours via Instacart. Contactless delivery and your first delivery is free! Start shopping with Instacart now to get products, on-demand The perfect assortment of our three most popular trays: Double Decker Sandwiches, Deli Wraps, and Mini Croissants. Small • Feeds 4-6 • $34.95 Medium • Feeds 7-10 • $52.95 Large • Feeds 10-15 • $73.9 Medium Mini croissant Sandwich Platter: $70.00: This tray includes a variety of ham, turkey, pastrami, corned beef mini croissants. This 16'' dome platter comes with swiss or American cheese. It is topped with fresh romaine lettuce and includes sides such as pickles , tomato and a verity of dressings. (Chicken salad & tuna salad are also available

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  1. Dinner Roll Sandwich Tray $39.95 View. Focaccia Appetizer Tray $49.95 View. Focaccia Sandwich Tray $64.95 View. Kowalski's Seasoned Potato Chips Bowl $9.95 Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray $39.95 View. Pretzel Roll Sandwich Tray $79.95 View. Wrap Sandwich Tray $54.95.
  2. Mini Croissant Tray Call 24 Pieces Seafood Salad, Chicken Salad, Smoked Ham, Turkey, or Roast Beef Mini Croissant Tray Call 24 Pieces Beef Tenderloin with Bearnaise Dressing Mini Sub Sandwich Tray - American or Italian Call 33 Pieces Mixed Grill Canapés Call 36 Pieces Pea Pods Stuffed with Crabmeat Call.
  3. i croissant sandwiches (6pcs), this brunch platter ideally feeds 6 persons. At the heart of Cedele, we strive to uphold the ethos Eat Well, Be Well. We believe that besides physical nourishment, the food you eat also affects your whole well-being
  4. Mini = 10 half sandwiches, serves 5 - 8 Small = 20 half sandwiches, serves 12 - 15 Medium = 30 half sandwiches, serves 16 - 20 Large = 40 half sandwiches, serves 24 - 30. All sandwiches are served on a variety of wheat berry, croissant and French Parisian breads
  5. online orders close 48 hours in advance, or earlier if fully booked on your chosen date/s. closed every monday. open singapore national day 9th august selected items only
  6. Taste Of Inspirations Medium Platter: $44.99: Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray Large: $49.99: Large Classic Platter: $59.99: Royal Delight Large Platter: $59.99: Taste Of Inspiration Large Platter: $69.99: Add Your Catering Review! Please add your review, complaints or questions in the comment section
  7. How to make a simple Hawaiian Sandwich Tray.Ingredients:12 Pack of Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls5 oz of Smoked Ham - Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh5 oz of Oven Roast..

Ordering sandwich platters online from Price Chopper and Market 32 couldn't be easier. Skip expensive catering and order sandwich platters from a store near you! Spend less time preparing and more time with your friends, family and guests. You'll be happy you did - but to make sure, we suggest: Plan all the details of your party well in. Two dozen fresh and elegant all-butter mini croissants in a basket. $31.99 per 2 dozen. Petite Croissant Sandwich Platter. Delicious butter croissants with your choice of fillings including ham and Swiss, smoked turkey and Jarlsberg, roast beef and cheddar, veggie and cheese, chicken, tuna or egg salad..

Executive Platter. Small (serves 12-16) $34.99. Medium (serves 20-24) $49.99. Large (serves 28-32) $59.99. One of our favorites and great for sandwiches. Wafer-thin sliced ham, turkey, roast beef, Swiss, and Jack and Muenster cheese. Garnished with our famous imported olive mix Continental Breakfast Assorted Pastries (Muffin, Danish, Croissants), Garnished with Fresh Berries, Coffee or Tea and Orange Juice. Hot Breakfast Buffet Scrambled Eggs, Choice of 2: Bacon, Sausage or Ham, Choice of 2: Pancakes, Waffles or French Toast, Coffee or Tea and Orange Juice. Fresh Cut Seasonal Fruits Platter Cheese Option 3. Land o Lakes Yellow American, Provolone, Wisconsin Swiss. Meats. Berkot's Chicken Salad, Berkot's Egg Salad, Berkot's Italian Roast Beef, Berkot's Polish Ham, Berkot's Premium Turkey Breast, Berkot's Sandwich Spread, Berkot's Tuna Salad. Meats Option 2


  1. Croissant Sandwich Tray Petite Croissant Sandwiches. Choose from Chicken Salad, Ham, or Turkey. Each Sand-wich is topped with Leaf Let-tuce and Sliced Tomato. Sm. Serves 10-15 (15 Sand.) Med. Serves 15-20 (25 Sand.) Lg. Serves 20-25 (30 Sand.) Classic Finger Sandwich Tray Classic Large Finger sand-wiches made with Fresh Made Pimento Cheese.
  2. Mini Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich Tray. Homemade Chicken Salad on Mini Croissants. Small: $49.99 (12 Sandwiches) Medium: $79.99 (18 Sandwiches
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  4. Shop for Deli Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter at Fred Meyer. Find quality products to add to your Shopping List or order online for Delivery or Pickup
  5. i croissant sandwiches • 11 pieces • 2.5 lbs. Serves 6-8 people. Please note that catering orders require 24 hours notice. $21.99
  6. > Sandwich Platters > Mini Croissant Platter $ 44.95. Availability : In stock. 20 Croissants lined with Lettuce and Tomato filled with Homepage Chicken, Egg, and Tuna Salad. Reviews . There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review Mini Croissant Platter Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published..
  7. Croissant Platter $ 4.99 Select options. Gluten-Free Lavash Wrap Platter $ 5.99 Select options. Italian Submarine Sandwich (3′ or 6′) From $ 69.99 Select options. Lavash Wrap Platter $ 5.49 Select options. Mini Reuben Sandwiches $ 5.99 Add to cart. Mini Submarine Sandwiches Platter $ 5.99 /ea Select options. The Americana Platter $ 7.99.

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Slider Sandwich Platter. Our slider sandwich tray consists of 60 sliders served on your choice of a LeBus Bakery Brioche roll or a LeBus Bakery Italian roll. Choose from Ham and cheese, Turkey and cheese, Italian, Chicken salad, or Tuna salad. The platter can be split between two varieties. $ 42.99 MINI DELI SANDWICH TRAY Assorted variety of pre-built mini deli sandwiches on artisan rolls, served with gherkin, olive, grape tomato, and cornichon mix, sliced Roma tomatoes, lettuce, and mustard and mayonnaise Served on a platter for two or more people SLICED DELI MEAT AND CHEESE TRAY Build your own sandwich option with sandwich rolls Mini Sandwich Platter. We make our sandwiches fresh to order using the finest ingredients, served with. Lettuce and Tomato. Feta Cheese Port. Mushrooms Croissant Sandwich Platter $ 0.00 - $ 69.99. We make our Croissants fresh to order using the finest ingredients, served with Lettuce and Tomato. Feta Cheese Port Sandwich Platters Assorted Croissant Sandwich Platter 110 A selection of croissant sandwiches sliced in half. Includes Ham & Cheese, Tarragon Chicken Salad and Brie & Herb (vegetarian). Total of 24 pieces. Serves about 12. Assorted Baguette Sandwich Platter 102 A selection of baguette sandwiches, sliced in 1/3 size. Include Mini Croissant Platter 0.00 A selection of homemade mini croissants with your choice of provolone or American cheese and your choice of ham, turkey breast, roast beef, or an assortment

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Small Cheese Tray $19.99. Medium Cheese Tray $39.99. Large Cheese Tray $49.99. Cubed cheddar, Swiss, Colby jack and Pepper Jack with an almond-covered Cheddar, Parmesan Ranch or Port Wine cheese ball. Custom trays also available. Suprimo Italian Meat Tray. $24.99 - $44.99. Small Italian Meat Tray $24.99. Medium Italian Meat Tray $34.99 Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter (Large) $84. Mini Croissants filled with turkey, ham, roast beef, and Havarti cheese. Prosciutto Pinwheel (Medium) $65. Prosciutto rolled with layers of Roasted red, yellow, and green bell peppers with parmesan, cream cheese and pine nuts Choose either our Assorted Sandwich Platter with your choice of sandwiches OR our Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter with your choice of 3 chicken salad fl avors. Pick two sides: Broccoli Salad, Grape Salad, Mixed Green Salad, Pasta Salad, Fresh Fruit, or Chips. Select your sweet treat: Round Buttercream Frosted Cookies or Chocolate Crispy Bites.

You can't go wrong with this classic sandwich tray that includes Black Angus roast beef with provolone on baguette, smoked turkey with cheddar on 9-grain, and black forest ham with Swiss on croissant. All served with mayo and mustard on the side. Signature Sandwich Tray. Elevate your next catering event with our Signature Sandwich Tray, full. MINI CROISSANT SANDWICH TRAY. 12 $39.95 Serves up to 12 (18 Sandwiches) 16 $53.95 Serves up to 16 (24 Sandwiches) 18 $79.95 Serves up to 24 (36 Sandwiches) Freshly Sliced Deli Meats of Ham, Roast Beef & Roast Turkey or Chicken Pecan Salad or Egg Salad are available..

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Your choice of assorted sandwiches on our delicious large Butter Croissants. (one day advance order necessary) Comes with chips and cookies. $10.95 per Sandwich . MINI-CROISSANT PLATTER - good for Finger Food events. Classic and Specialty sandwiches are your choice on Mini-Croissants. Makes great finger-food Carrots, Celery, Black and Green Olives, Pickle Chips, Cherry Tomatoes. Cheese & Meat Snack Tray (6-8 Servings Per Pound) $9.75 lb. Assorted meats and cheeses. sized for crackers or to compliment our mini sandwiches. Sliced Cheese assortment $7.50 per lb. Cubed Cheese and Salami Tray (10-12 Servings Per Pound) $9.75 lb. With cracker assortment Tea Sandwiches Platter. Assortment of cucumber and dill cream cheese, ham and cheddar, house made jam and cream cheese, egg salad, and veggie tea sandwiches. Served on house made white or wheat bread, cut into quarters. $ 35.00. $ 20.00

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Sandwich Platters. A variety of our signature sandwiches customized to your liking garnished with lettuce, tomato, and pickles Mini Croissant Platter. Freshly baked croissants filled with Roast Beef, Turkey, Virginia Ham, and homemade Chicken Salad $ 11 $ 4. Premium Dollar Rolls (D50) From $11.99. Regular Dollar Rolls (D53) From $10.99. Sandwich Bread Party Tray. From $3.99. Specialty Wrapped Sandwiches (D54) From $18.99. Stuffed Mini-Croissants (D55 Mini Croissant Sandwiches-Buttery, flaky mini croissants filled with our delicious chicken salad. Serves 12-16. $22.99: Sandwich Wedges-Choose from chicken or tuna salad on white, wheat or both. Great with any of our veggie or fruit platters! Serves 12-16. Please specify choice of chicken or tuna salad in the special instructions box below. $26.9

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Sweets Platter. Assortment of Freshly Baked Danishes, Scones and Muffins. Mini Croissant Sandwiches. Mini Croissant Sandwiches with Brie and Apricot Preserves~ Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. Plain Greek Yogurt Parfaits with Seasonal Berries, Honey and Gluten-free Granola. Served in a Mason Jar. Seasonal Fruit Salad. Add on Regular, Decaf or Hot Te Mini Croissant and Filet of Tenderloin Tray - Roasted Beef Filet on a mini croissant with horseradish sauce. A truly elegant party tray: Platter of 25 - $95. Platter of 45 - $170. Mini Sandwich Tray (Minimum order of 20 sandwiches) Petite dinner rolls with: Roasted Turkey and Cranberry Sauce and Tangy Dijon Mustard, Ham and Sweet Honey.

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Croissant Party Sandwich Tray (12 Mini Croissants) $45.00: Croissant Party Sandwich Tray (20 Mini Croissants) $60.00: Croissant Party Sandwich Tray (26 Mini Croissants) $70.00: Party Pinwheel Tray (27 Pinwheels) $40.00: Party Pinwheel Tray (45 Pinwheels) $55.00: Mini Tuscan Focaccia Sandwich Tray (20 Mini Sandwiches) $40.00: Salads: Caprese. Assorted mini sandwiches (1 per person) on freshly baked sourdough rolls or croissants, crisp vegetable tray with our famous ranch dip, pasta salad, cookies and brownies. Add additional dollar roll sandwich +$2.49 Add additional croissant sandwich +$2.49 Sandwich & Soup Salad Bar Extravaganza | $11.9 Mini Croissant and Mini Muffin platters available . COLD LUNCH . Sandwiches, rolls, and wraps Gourmet mixed rolls (add Turkish bread for $1 extra) $9.50 Gourmet Bannette Rolls $9.50 Meat and vegetarian wraps $9.50 Crusty focaccia loaves with assorted fillings (cut into 8) $25 Gourmet mixed sandwiches (cut into 4) $8.5 110 cal. per sandwich MINI CROISSANT PLATTERS Mini Croissant Meat Platters $29.99 Includes 20 sandwiches 260 cal. per sandwich Mini Croissant Salad Platters $29.99 Includes 20 sandwiches 220 cal. per sandwich. Giant Eagle Catering Menu 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary The Croissant Sandwich Platter is just 12 sandwiches, cut in half, for the same price as the Roasted Chicken and Swiss Roller.Plus, in order to keep them from getting soggy, the condiments are served on the side, which means guests have to doctor theirs up themselves

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In a large bowl combine the chicken with the mayonnaise, onion, bouillon, and celery. Mix thoroughly; season with salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. 3. Fold the cashews into the chicken salad mixture just before serving. 4. Split the croissants in half lengthwise and spoon the salad mixture onto one half of each croissant Assorted Mini Croissant Platter. Four types of mini size croissants, assembled on a catering tray. Small. 16 INCHES / SERVES 12-14 $80. 10 Mini Plain Croissant; Assorted Croissant Sandwich Platter. Three types of croissant that are sliced in half, and assembled on a catering tray. Recommend two pieces per person. Total of 24 pieces

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1 pound regular sliced meat such as turkey, brisket or corned beef makes 3 1/2 to 4 sandwiches. 1 gallon sandwich filling. (recipes below) makes about 30 sandwiches. To add cheese (1 ounce serving) 7 pounds, presliced. add a pound if you have to slice by hand. Bread or rolls. 14 pounds loaf bread Jan 10, 2020 - Explore Candida Commisso's board Sandwich trays on Pinterest. See more ideas about sandwich trays, party sandwiches, mini sandwiches 26. Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray Tender, flaky croissants stuffed with turkey, beef or ham, fresh lettuce and cheese. Elegant and delicious. 26 25 Try One of Our Sandwich Ideas to Please Any Crowd! 27. Party gub The finest, freshest ingredients Oh our wonderful french bread. Great for the following: any occasion! 28. Focaccia Sandwich Tra Small Platters: Small Platter - Turkey Pinwheel Sandwich: $15.99: Small Platter - Cubed Cheese: $14.99: Small Platter - Breaded Bone-In Wings: $17.99: Small Platter - Breaded Boneless Wings: $17.99: Small Platter - Fresh Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders: $17.99: Small Platter - Combo Pinwheel Sandwich: $15.99: Small Platter - Ham. Deli Catering Tray Sandwich Croissant 16 Inch (Please allow 24 hours for delivery or pickup) Deli Catering Tray Sandwich Party Roll 16 Inch (Please allow 24 hours for delivery or pickup) Hormel Snack Tray Shelf Stable - 14.7 Oz Artisan Charcuterie Platter Salami Cheese Olive Crackers - 12 OZ (Please allow 24 hours for delivery or pickup).