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Hi Guys, Have been browsing the forum to get some information about real life range of the 70D VS advertised by Tesla. Of course, like many, I believe the value proposition for the 70D looks good, especially with the little range difference claimed by Tesla Driving range (EPA) of the 2016 Tesla Model S 70D and other Tesla electric vehicles with comparable driving range. 2013 Tesla Model S Base 40 RWD. 139.0 mi / 223.7 km. 2016 Tesla Model X 60D. 200.1 mi / 322.0 km. 2013 Tesla Model S Base 60 RWD. 208.0 mi / 334.7 km. 2014 Tesla Model S 60 RWD The real world range (city + highway) in winter is ≈192 mi. Real-life figures may differ significantly depending on weather conditions and driving style. What is the charge port type of the Tesla Model S 70D Tesla (formerly Tesla Motors) is an energy + technology company based in Palo Alto, California. Their mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. They produce electric vehicles (with a heavy focus on autonomy), batteries, and energy/solar products for the grid. 878k The Tesla Model S has an EPA-rated range of 265 miles when equipped with the largest 85-kW-hr battery pack, or so the American electric car maker claims. Real world tests have been limited to just.

Claimed range is crucial for EVs, something that Tesla understands very well. It's why, although the Porsche Taycan has the performance advantage, Tesla's cars sell because of efficiency.At least, efficiency on paper.Updated for 2020, the Tesla Model S claims to offer a longer range than ever. But will it back that up with real-world results The Tesla Model S Long Range has achieved 400 miles of range in a new real-world test, as Elon Musk has been claiming, but there's a catch. Earlier this year, Tesla released a new Long Range. The biggest problem I think is the Model S 85 data. The EPA test was done in February 2012 and it was never repeated again. However, Tesla improved the Model S 85 in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Therefore the numbers you see are for the 2012 Model S 85. It shows 219.7 miles range at 65 mph but I think the range was ~15 miles more in later years

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Fred Lambert. - Feb. 10th 2021 2:53 pm PT. @FredericLambert. Tesla range estimates are called into question in new independent tests by Edmunds showing that Tesla's vehicles don't hit their. The fast-charging capacity of the new Model S adds 187 miles of range in 15 minutes. This still puts the Long Range ahead of every other EV currently available in the market. Though Tesla's range estimates were off by 7 miles, in the real world, most cars don't live up to their official claims

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  1. The Taycan's Real-World Range Is Legit. to 370 miles on a Model S and 325 on the Model X. Tesla's new Model S Long Range Plus takes the range to 402 miles with further changes, including a 140.
  2. By Eric Loveday · September 10, 2012. Tesla's spectacular Model S electric sedan grabs headlines on a daily basis, but the key metric for an electric vehicle is its real-world range. Until recently, we could only post Tesla's estimated range rating of 265 miles for the 85-kWh version of the Model S, but now there's been some real-world testing.
  3. The Tesla Model Y offers as much as 316 miles of EPA-estimated range. While that's much more than many of today's EVs, its the lowest maximum range figure among Tesla vehicles. Due to an extreme.
  4. For 2015, Tesla is introducing the new entry-level Model S 70D that replaces the old 60 kWh model. This Model S 70D marks another key change for the Model S lineup, as it is the end of the line.
  5. I notices my Tesla battery Range loss a lot while sitting. When I go to work, my car will stay in the parking lot about 8 hours. The weather in TX is about 94 degree at noon. One day I charged 214 miles before I go to work, and I drove 14 miles to office. I should have about 200 miles left. After 8 hours later, the battery range is 180 miles
  6. The dual-motor Model S 60D (and 75D) is rated at 328 hp and 387 lb-ft of torque, and Tesla claims it will hit 60 mph from a standstill in 5.2 seconds. EPA-estimated energy consumption stands at 33.
  7. 2015 Tesla Model S 70D, Apr 2015 [photo: David Noland] Better Value. At a base price of $75,000, the 70D is priced midway between the single-motor rear-drive 60 it replaced ($69,900) and the.

Tesla Motors will be offering a new entry to its only car line in production, a Model S 70D with all-wheel drive. The new 70kWh variant of the award-winning Model S is said to have a driving range. The 70D has Tesla's dual-motor all-wheel drive system, along with a 70-kWh battery that gives it an EPA-rated range of 240 miles. That's up from 208 miles with the 60-kWh model. Like the Tesla.

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The Tesla Model S is an all-electric five-door liftback sedan produced by Tesla, Inc. It was introduced on June 22, 2012. It received a major refresh in June 2021. Tesla positions Model S as its flagship. In 2013, the Model S became the first electric car to top the monthly new-car-sales ranking in any country, leading twice in Norway, in September and December 2013 and in Denmark in December. The 2015 Tesla Model S 70D has a driving range of 240 miles on a full charge. The Model S 85 has a range of 265 miles, while 85D and 95D models get a slight bump to 270 miles. Performance P85D and P90D models can go 253 miles While, the 70-kWh Model S 70D is the least expensive, owners say the extra $5,000 cost for the 85-kWh battery pack is absolutely worth it; range rises from 240 to 270 mile in AWD versions, but. Model S is built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, with a high-strength architecture and floor-mounted battery pack for incredible occupant protection and low rollover risk. Every Model S includes Tesla's latest active safety features, such as Automatic Emergency Braking, at no extra cost. Learn More

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Last week, the new base version of the Tesla Model S, known as the 70D, hit the electric-car world like a thunderclap. No early-warning publicity, no teasing tweet from Elon WA of All Risk? Kies de autoverzekering voor je Tesla die het beste bij je past. WA, beperkt casco of all risk? Verzeker je auto in een recordtijd bij Allianz Direct For customers who are focused on range, efficiency and best value the 19 wheels can be configured onto any Model S variant to achieve the values in the EPA table above. As an example calculation, if a standard Model S 85 with 19 tires having 265 miles of range is changed to 21 tires the range would be reduced by ~3% to about 257 miles

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Music: Galactic Damages by Jingle Punks So your 'real life' usable range at 70mph is will be around 200-220 on a 85, which give you an buffer at the top/bottom end of the battery. If you want a comfortable 250 miles of range at 80mph your need to look for a 100D (100kWh) battery pack car. Tesla haven't been 100% honest with their car battery badging in the past It does appear to be a wash but I strongly suspect that when more real world data comes out it will be confirmed that the long range Model 3 with the 18 rims and aero covers is the longest range Tesla vehicle currently available. The 50% off discount compared to P100D is nice as well In last year's test, NAF found that 29 EVs surpassed their WLTP range figures. Also, as with this year, Tesla topped the table for total real-world range with its Model 3 and Model S taking the.

In our real-world, 75-mph highway fuel economy test, a 2020 Model S we tested posted a 222-mile highway range number against its 326-mile EPA estimated driving range. Interior, Comfort, and Carg Cars available as of March 6, 2018 have an EPA rated range of 335 miles (Model 100D), 315 miles (P100D) or 259 miles (75D). [This posting partially updated July 8, 2019]. The EPA Rated range is the driving distance the car can mechanically ach.. In our tests, the Model 3 Performance achieved 239 miles of real-world driving. That puts it beyond the longest range Model X, which costs significantly more, and comfortably ahead of the Audi E.

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In 2012, Tesla launched Model S, the world's first premium electric saloon. Built from the ground up to be 100 percent electric, Model S has redefined the very concept of a four-door car. With room for up to seven passengers and 894 litres of storage, Model S provides the comfort and utility of a family saloon while achieving the acceleration. March 31, 2021, 6:03 AM · 4 min read. Edmunds' test team recently published the results of its real-world range testing for electric vehicles. Notably, every Tesla the team tested in 2020 came up short of matching the EPA's range estimate. Almost all other EVs Edmunds tested met or exceeded those estimates 2015 (65) Tesla Model S 70D Excellent condition inside and out. 55k Miles. Tesla BATTERY WARRANTY UNTIL DECEMBER 2023 with unlimited mileage. FREE SUPERCHARGING! FREE TAX! Autopilot 1 with Convenience. Sunroof. Rare ARACHNID Wheels! Please note this vehicle is not on site and is for sale by We Are EV on behalf of a customer - please call for. So, all in all, the real-world range of a Tesla is not a simple number to give. All I can give is the consultant's default answer: it depends So many factors to take into account and so many of them are personalised, like options, tire choices and driving style All details and specs of the Tesla Model S 75D (2016-2019). Compare price, lease, real-world range and consumption of every electric vehicle

Edmunds hits the road with the 2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range to see how far it goes on a full battery charge. The EPA says 326 miles, but real-world EV range can vary significantly. Here's how the. The Tesla Model S has the distinction of being the electric car with the best range in the market today, capable of traveling up to 265 miles per charge. It is equipped with a 85 kWh lithium-ion battery. To date, more than 47,000 units of the Model S have been sold worldwide. The Tesla Model S is also highly acclaimed Tesla has unveiled a new version of its popular, all-electric Model S. The Model S 70D replaces the Model S 60, and now features all-wheel-drive standard in the base model instead of rear-wheel-drive

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The Porsche 911 Turbo is a 520-hp all-wheel-drive monster. It's one of the fastest cars in the world. Also,unbreakable.The new base Tesla Model S, the 70D, costs almost exactly half as much, also. So when CR decided to pit the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt against the 2017 Tesla Model S 75D to determine real-world driving range, an odd result was to be expected. 31 photos. Without further beating. Prices for the 2015 Tesla Model S range from $54,100 to $115,170. Compare prices of all Tesla Model S's sold on CarsGuide over the last 6 months. Use our free online car valuation tool to find out exactly how much your car is worth today. Based on thousands of real life sales we can give you the most accurate valuation of your vehicle

The final act of Tesla's Secret Master Plan is to bring electric cars to the masses with an affordable EV. That car is the Tesla Model 3, which, at a starting price of about $38,000, is very affordable for what it offers.Here's a look at its features and, most importantly, its real-world range.. What the Tesla Model 3 offer Find Used Tesla Model S Cars for Sale by Year. 2021 Tesla Model S For Sale. 14 for sale starting at $88,250. 2020 Tesla Model S For Sale. 57 for sale starting at $78,500. 2019 Tesla Model S For Sale. 45 for sale starting at $64,054. 2018 Tesla Model S For Sale. 168 for sale starting at $50,999 Tesla says most Model S buyers go for the larger battery pack, for added range and security; with prices that start at $70,000 and can go as high as $135,000, that's a smart move

But in the real world, the new 90D I tested has about 18 percent more range than my three-year-old 85. 2016 Tesla Model S 90D during Southern California test drive [photo: David Noland] As I mentioned, my usable battery capacity has declined from 75 kWh to 70 kWh, about 7 percent Redline Reviews points out that the Tesla Model S marked a turning point for EVs. It was the first mainstream electric car to boast over 200 miles of real-world, EPA-rated range. Sadly, many people that want to make the transition to an electric vehicle simply can't afford Tesla's products Tesla appears to be making a play for China's mainstream crossover market, with the company launching the Model Y Standard Range at a price of RMB291,840 before incentives. With incentives, the.

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Used Tesla Model S Long Range for sale (44) Used Tesla Model S 75D for sale (40) Used Tesla Model S P85D for sale (36) Used Tesla Model S P100D for sale (24) Used Tesla Model S 85 for sale (22) Used Tesla Model S 100D for sale (21) Used Tesla Model S Base for sale (20) Used Tesla Model S 70D for sale (19) Used Tesla Model S 85D for sale (16 The company offers two versions of the Tesla Model S: 70D and 85D. The latter comes with slightly superior features such as a higher range (270 miles vs 240 miles), higher top speed (155 mph vs. AAA's top three green vehicles, all electrics, were announced today. The BMW i3 and Volkswagen e-Golf SEL Premium rounded out the top three. The Tesla Model S 70D has a 240-mile range, room for five, excellent power and steering, and fast charge capability, said John Nielsen, AAA's managing director of Automotive Engineering and Repair Tesla's new Model 3 is the cheapest car the company has ever made, but how does it compare with its larger sibling, the Model S? Our guide reveals al

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Test drive Used Tesla Cars at home in San Diego, CA. Search from 87 Used Tesla cars for sale, including a 2013 Tesla Model S, a 2013 Tesla Model S Performance, and a 2014 Tesla Model S ranging in price from $33,908 to $101,995 The range kicked off in 2014 with the Model S 60, the 85 and the P85. They all used the same electric motor driving the rear wheels and their performance and range was only altered by the size of. Used 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range for sale in Virginia Beach, VA. This Used Tesla car is priced at $89,146 and available for a test drive at Charles Barker Maserati of Virginia Beach The Model S Long Range has a starting price of $79,990 and Tesla says it can accelerate to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds compared to the tri-motor $129,990 Model S Plaid, which can do it in under two seconds The 70D, which starts at about $75,000, has a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-rated range of 240 miles (386 kilometers), compared with 208 miles for the Model S 60, which started at about.

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The ratio is 9.95/11.13= 89.4%. Similarly, page 5 here, shows these numbers for Model S: 11.45 HP for the Model S with 19″ wheels and 12.78 HP for the Model S with 21″ wheels. The ratio is 11.45/12.78= 89.6%. I have used this data when creating this table. How much range do Model 3 Aero Hubcaps add Wednesday morning, Tesla announced a 70-kilowatt-hour-powered Model S with dual-motor all-wheel drive, called the 70D. The 70D Model S offers 240 miles of range -- about in the middle of its. The new base level Model S will be called the 70D. It will feature a larger battery pack of 70 kWh with a greater range of 240 miles. The 70D will also be an all-wheel drive Model S thanks to dual. Our Tesla Model S 85D: heavy, but fun to drive. Inside the cabin of our Tesla Model S long-term test car: interior dominated by huge 17-inch touchscreen. Our Tesla Model S has had a snowy baptism.

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Here's how the new Tesla Model S compares with the old Tesla Model S. this model's name changes to Model S 70D, and the driving range increases to 240 miles (386 km) while the 0-60 mph. With that said, the overall price of Tesla vehicles has continued to drop over time (as is common with new technology). At one time, a Model S could easily be optioned to $150,000 and now the Model S Performance can be had for well under $100,000 Tesla Model Y vs Volkswagen ID.4: Range and charging. More relevant to the real world is range. For this, The Model Y Long Range has an EPA estimate of 326 miles, while the more powerful Performance version can cover 303 miles between visits to the charger The 2015 Tesla Model S 70D was named the AAA Green Car of the Year. The Tesla is featured with 80 other green vehicles in the 2016 AAA Green Car Guide, a comprehensive report published annually by. In the EV world, both Tesla Model 3 and Model S are well-known electric cars. They have played an important role in promoting electric vehicles and making them as common as they are today

The Tesla Model S motorhome is not a belated April Fools' joke. truck camper-like Tesla actually has a future here in the real world. the build has its foundation on a Model S 70D with 309. We drove the winding roads from his into Wales and then on a straight and empty stretch, tested the Tesla's party trick: Insane mode's supercar-quick 3.2 second race to 60mph. This feels quite. 2016 Tesla Model S Source:Supplied OUR test of the new-look Tesla Model S didn't get off to a great start. We were to pick up the new top-of-the-range P90D, with ludicrous mode that.

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The company claims its Model S 100D has a range of over 390 miles and that, paired with an ever-expanding network of its Supercharger charging stations, makes it suitable to go anywhere Tesla Model Y SUV unveiled However, when we tested a Taycan 4 Cross Turismo earlier this year, our observed mileage and battery usage equated to a real-world range of 277 miles. Other outlets. Tesla Model S gets a 2021 facelift - 'slowest' model covers 0-60mph in 3.1sec The Tesla Model S saloon has been given an update, with a brand new interior and an adjustment to the range 28.

The Tesla Model S 70D replaces the two-wheel drive 60 as the base Model S and receives standard dual-motor all-wheel drive and 329 hp. Tesla Model S 70D: new entry level with AWD, 329 hp - paultan.or We Are EV are pleased to offer this 2015 (65) Tesla Model S 70D Excellent condition inside and out. 55k Miles. Tesla BATTERY WARRANTY UNTIL DECEMBER 2023 with unlimited mileage. FREE SUPERCHARGING! FREE TAX! Autopilot 1 with Convenience. Sunroof. Rare ARACHNID Wheels! ***Please note this vehicle is not on site and is for sale by We Are EV on behalf of a customer - please call for details.** Tesla has increased the base price of the Model S Long Range to $91,190. It has gotten steadily more expensive recently, as the Long Range was previously available for just over $70,000. The Model S Long Range achieved a real-world highway driving range of 320 miles in our testing. Tesla has been steadily increasing the Tesla prices just went up again — this time for the Model S. . Earlier this week, the long-range Model S went from $84,990 to $89,990 — a $5,000 increase. The dual motor EV has 405 miles of. Among the different variants of the Model S, it is the Performance model (P85D Performance All-Wheel Drive) that is super exciting. TESLA MODEL S ROAD TEST REVIEW: Electrically supercharged! New BMW 5 series launched at Rs 62.90 lak

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The Model S 70D replaced the Model S 60, adding all-wheel drive through two AC motors over each axel and a 70-kWh battery, providing impressive acceleration and an EPA-rated 240-mile range. ABOUT ALPHACARS: For over 30 years, we have been a leader in delivering quality and value The car it announced on Wednesday is called the Tesla Model S 70D and it'll start at $75,000, although buyers are eligible for a federal tax credit that brings the price down to $67,500. The Model. The Tesla Model S is also available in the P version with Insane button, e.g. the Tesla Model S P90D, which makes it possible to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 3 seconds. The car can be charged at home using a type 2 plug. In some cases, you can also charge your Tesla Model S via a domestic socket at 2.3 kW using the mobile connector