Importance of business studies in junior secondary schools

1305 business studies related teachers in all the junior secondary schools in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State. The sample of the study includes 250 teachers in all the junior secondary schools and 250 employers in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State. A structured questionnaire title importance of business studies in junior secondary schools PROJECT TOPIC- STRATEGIES FOR IMPROVING TEACHING AND LEARNING OF BUSINESS STUDIES IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN UMUAHIA EDUCATION ZONE, ABIA STATE June 5, 2017 by Project Writers Ng Leave a Commen The Importance of Business Studies in the Curriculum Business activity affects the daily lives of all Canadians as they work,spend,save,invest,travel, and play.It influences jobs,incomes,and opportunities for personal enterprise.Business has He added that, business studies is a vocational subject taught in junior secondary school in Nigeria aimed at providing youths who may proceed to senior secondary schoolto graduate with the necessary prevocational skills that will enable them to be useful to them selves and to the community in which they live


It is vital to discuss the importance of business studies for high school students. Here are some reasons why you should study business management: You will get practical learning about the business world. Doing a business course will improve your credibility in the workplace integrated Junior Secondary School Business Studies curriculum, using a systems approach, have been demonstrated. Introduction The inclusion of Business Studies (BS) in the Nigerian Junior Secondary School (JSS) curriculum came about as a means of laying the foundation for national technological and economic advancement, as articulated in the.

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The introduction of Business Studies into the national curriculum as reflected in the national policy on Education (Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1981) and the Junior Secondary School (J.S.S) and senior Secondary School (S.S.S) national curriculum (Federal Ministry of Education, 1984, 1985) has created an enormous challenge for the trainers of Business Studies teachers, particularly at the N.C.E and the undergraduate levels techniques used by teachers of Business Studies in evaluating the curriculum. The study was carried out in public secondary schools in Central Division of Machakos District. Descriptive survey design was used for the study. There are thirty six (36) public secondary schools in Central Division of Machakos District Importance of Business Studies: The importance of business studies is on its peak now a day. In early times, the goods were produced for one's own self or for the use of family members at the most. As time passed on, the business was conducted by means of barter system in which goods of one kind were exchanged for other goods or equal value

These five subjects of Business Studies relate specifically to business and distributive operations and they are compulsory in junior secondary schools. Together they are part of vocational education which encourages the use of the head and hands in acquiring specific practical training required in business and industry Business influences jobs, incomes, and opportunities for personal enterprise and development. Business has a significant effect not only on the standard of living and quality of life, but also on the environment in which people live. At some point in their lives, all students will encounter the world of business Business studies for high school students is extremely important as it brings them one-on-one with the corporate culture and prepares them for their professional life ahead. Children learn ethics, tricks and develop an understanding of how the businesses are operated in real world

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The study was guided by the following specific objectives: to find out the training provisions for teacher of Business Studies for their (DOC) Implementation of the business studies curriculum in public secondary schools in Katete District Bright[1] | Simunthala Bright - Academia.ed A major provision of this policy was the teaching of business studies at the junior secondary school level with emphasis on the acquisition of practical skills, values and knowledge that would enable individuals to live a meaningful life in he society one the reasons for the emphasis laid on business studies is the fact that it is a skilled subjects with would equip its graduates with the needed skills for gainful employmen Business Education can be traced from the time when commercial secondary modern school were established in some part of the country and commercial subject such as typewriting , shorthand, commerce, principle of account and the use of English were being offered at the moment in the secondary schools in the country

  1. According to the nonprofit Bridgespan Group, between 2003 and 2009 the number of social-benefit course offerings at top business schools more than doubled, on average
  2. volvement are critical for the attainment of high quality education in Botswana secondary schools. Furthermore, the findings of the study have implications for research and practice. Keywords: Academic performance, Botswana, quality education, parental involvement, in-structional leadership, junior secondary schools. Introductio
  3. g complex and interdependent. It is with these in

Therefore, BUSINESS STUDIES : Is define as a subject taught in both junior and senior secondary schools which deals with finding out information on buying and selling of goods and services either in school or any organisation. The studies comprises of office practice, commerce, typewriting, shorthand, accounting or book -keeping The study focused on principals' leadership styles as determinants of business studies teachers' job performance in Junior Secondary Schools in Egor Local Government Area (L.G.A.) of Edo State. Four research questions were raised and answered. Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. The population comprised 46 business studies teachers (34 females and 12 males) [ The aim of this research work is to find out the role of instructional materials in the teaching of computer science in junior secondary schools, using all junior secondary schools in egor local government area of edo state as a case study. A total of 100 students were used on this study IDENTIFY AND DISCUSS WITH RELEVANT EXAMPLES ANY TEN (10) RESOURCES USED IN THE TEACHING OF SOCIAL STUDIES AT PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS BEING A PAPER PRESENTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF COURSE WORK ON EDSS803 (SOCIAL STUDIES RESOURCES AND INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES) BY SALIHU JA'AFAR JAMILU M.ed/EDUC/2820/2011-2012 LECTURER: DR. H.I. BAYERO DEPARTMENT ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCE EDUCATION.

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importance of business studies in junior secondary schools

  1. Welcome to Junior Cycle Business Studies. This new specification for Junior Cycle Business Studies covers teaching, learning and assessment in business studies for the first, second and third years in post-primary school. The specification focuses on improving students' understanding of the business environment and on developing skills for life.
  2. There is, therefore, the need for proper education of teachers on the importance and use of instructional materials in teaching of social studies in secondary schools. On the other hand, teaching of social studies without instructional materials makes teaching and learning difficult
  3. ated by subject matter textbooks
  4. In Nigeria Business Studies in Junior Secondary School curriculum, came about as a means of laying the foundation for national technological and economic advancement, as articulated in the National Policy on Education (Federal Ministry of Education, 1981).The designers of the Business Studies curriculum apparently considered that, i

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Three years of junior secondary education and; Providing early childhood care development and education (ECCDE). The upper basic education business studies curriculum is therefore a curriculum on business studies meant for JSS 1-3. opines that teachers are the most important human resource in curriculum implementation- this implies that. PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF TEACHING SOCIAL STUDIES IN JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Social Studies was introduced in the Nigerian School Curriculum as part of the instrument for achieving national development (National Policy on Education (NPE) 1981) Junior Secondary School as defined and recommended in various policy documents including Educating Our Future`1996 and the `Zambia Education Curriculum Framework `2013. ChishimbaNkosha Permanent Secretary MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, SCIENCE, VOCATIONAL TRAINING AND EARLY EDUCATION. BUSINESS STUDIES SYLLABUS - Grade 8 - 9 v teach Business Studies by looking at the overall general themes as an introduction to the course. The nature of business activity and the nature of added value, business classification, business aims and objectives, and stakeholders are all types of areas that would be covered early in the course This study was conducted to determine the extent to which the teaching practices of Business Studies teachers in Botswana junior secondary schools conform to pedagogical practices recommended by curriculum planners. The findings of this study suggest that teachers and curriculum planners are not singing from the same hymnbook, thus, the pedagogical practices of Business Studies teachers are at.

In Nigeria Business Studies in Junior Secondary School curriculum, came about as a means of laying the foundation for national technological and economic advancement, as articulated in the National Policy on Education (Federal Ministry of Education, 2011).The designers of the Business Studies curriculum apparently considered that, in line with. The Importance of Entrepreneurship in School Curriculum While the society all around is developing with technology and innovations, the K-12 schools have been in a stagnant scenario. Education is the driving force behind every country's economy, directly or indirectly

Transforming Secondary Education in Nigeria - Junior Secondary School. Council (WAEC) launched the Senior Secondary Education Curriculum . education value chain: policy, curriculum development, delivery, results and towards vocational education which led to the launch of Career and Training . elections being held in 2014 and 2015 across Nigeria Identifications of important teaching skill are necessary for the successful teaching of business studies at junior secondary schools. By Madu (2006) the supply covered the entire teacher in all the post primary school in Enugu State. The finding from this study revealed that JSS 1-3 Scheme of Work for Junior Secondary School in Nigeria. Following the decision of the Federal Government to introduce the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme, the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) re-structured and realigned all extant Primary and Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) curricula into a 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum for implementation in. In this context, schools with N.C.E. graduates teachers tend to have better primary six certificate and junior secondary school results than schools with grade II teachers. Purpose the Study The general objective of this study is to find out the factors responsible for the poor performance of students in Social studies in Junior Secondary. » Education » Primary, junior secondary schools get new curriculum. Posted in Education 6 with the addition of French Language while Business Studies is added to the subject listings for JS1- 3

Here are the universities you can study for a PGDE in Business Education at secondary level. Entry requirements vary so it's best to check with the course provider for the most up-to-date information. The University of the Highlands and Islands and University of Strathclyde also offer a pathway into Gaelic Medium Education Secondary education or secondary school education in Pakistan commence from class 9th. Upon completion of class 10th, students are expected to take a standardized exam taken by a Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE). After successful completion of this examination, the students are awarded a Secondary School Certificate locally. This research sets out to investigate the analysis of factors influencing the study of business studies in junior secondary school in Enugu north LGA Enugu state. The research used questionnaire to get information from students and qualified business studies teachers of five selected secondary schools in Enugu north LGA Enugu state

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the 20 secondary schools in Nsukka Local Government Area. The data were analyzed using percentages. The results of the study showed among others that, very few instructional materials were available for teaching social studies in the schools studied. Teaching of social studies still tends to be dominated by subject matter textbooks ASSESSMENT OF SKILLS ACQUISITION FOR SELF-RELIANCE IN BUSINESS STUDIES CURRICULUM AMONG JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS IN KADUNA STATE, NIGERIA The most notable thing that happens when people practice is that they demonstrate increased proficiency in performance and skill. Motor skill acquisition is a process in which a performer learns to control and intergrate posture, locomotion and. Before 2008, the secondary curriculum had a different combination of subjects and had both Junior and Senior secondary classes as part of it. This was still under the 6-3-3-4 structure in which pupils spend 6 years in primary school, 3 years in Junior Secondary School, 3 years in senior secondary school and at least 4 years in the university The Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme was introduced in Nigeria in September, 1988. Following this, in 2008 the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) developed and introduced the 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) in schools by realigning all extant Primary and Junior Secondary School Curricula to meet the key.

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Towards a systems approach to the integration of the

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of social studies in junior secondary schools in Enugu State. Specifically the study was designed to: 1. Determine teachers' perception of the extent of availability of instructional materials for teaching and learning of social studies in junior secondary schools in Enugu Stat the importance and prospects of teaching sex education in junior secondary school: a case study of some selected schools in egor local government area of ed state EDU34574 THE IMPLICATION OF USING INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY (ICT) IN THE TEACHING AND LEARNING OF INTEGRATED SCIENCE IN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION EKIADOLOR-BENI The Importance of using past questions to prepared for National Examination Council NECO Senior School Certificate Examination SSCE, can not be over emphasized. Past questions help to give insight on areas one is good, weak and need assistance to perform well The subjects comprised 380 junior and senior secondary school [JSS and SSS] students and 120 teachers, selected from twelve secondary schools drawn across the three states. The schools comprised four categories: federal government school [FGS], state government school [SGS], high class private school [HCPS], and low class private school [LCPS]

5. To examine the relationship between computer aided instructions and business studies students achievement in junior secondary schools. 6. To examine the challenges faced by the teachers in using computer aided instructions to teach Business studies. 1.4 RESEARCH QUESTIONS. 1. What is the status of computer education in secondary schools in. The principal of your school would come to class and write down the important topics you Should read for all BECE subjects. If they don't come to class and give you the syllabus, you have the right to walk to your school principal or teacher to give you the BECE syllabus for 2021 study. The population of the study was 2,221 junior secondary school principals across urban and rural areas of the state. Disproportionate simple random sampling technique was used to select 1,000 junior secondary school principals for the study. The study adopted descriptive survey method This research discusses the impact of Christian religious studies on the morals of secondary school students in Uyo metropolis. It discussed the societal value that Nigeria is a country that is plagued with misplaced value. Questionnaire was employed in the collection of data from selected secondary schools and the response was impressive Importance's of geography and its place in school curriculum are as follows: At present geography is one of the important subjects in school curriculum. Geography derives a lot of material from such subjects as Biology, Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, Mathematics, Chemistry and other sciences

For example, the scheme of work for junior secondary schools in Nigeria say from JSS1 TO JSS3 for all subjects whether it is Mathematics, English Language, Basic Science, Social Studies OR Business Studies, the same scheme of work applies to other states and major cities in Nigeria like Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano state, Cross River, Imo. The new secondary school curriculum was the reason for rumors because of new subjects. People were questioned about an exception of Christian Religious Knowledge course. Read on to find out more facts. New Nigerian curriculum for secondary schools. The new list of subjects includes: English studies (compulsory subject); Mathematics (compulsory. 1. Business- Any activity that is carried out by an individual or an organization concerning provision of goods and services with a view to making profit 2. Business Studies- defined as the study of activities that are carried out in and around production, distribution and consumption of goods and services 3. Goods- These are items that are tangible .i.e. they can be touched and fel Short in terms of number of years, but important because of the impact that its introduction had made in the Junior secondary school curriculum. Amonoo, et at (1979) said that the first serious attempt to develop social studies for secondary schools in Nigeria was made but the staff of Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro in 1965 used devices or audio-visual aids in teaching and learning process. Audio- visual. devices, generally, is an incentive introduced into the method of teaching for the. purpose of stimulating the students and developing understanding through. experiencing. Audio-visual aids are produced, distributed and used as planned

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  1. ation Questions 2019/2020 Session - Junior Secondary School Two (JSS 2) for Social Studies, Business Studies, French, English Language, Agricultural Scienc
  2. Education and Training (FET) phase in secondary schools. Equally important, the post-school system is not meeting the needs of the economy and society as a whole. According to the Green Paper (2012) its aims is to align the post-school education and training system with South Africa's overall development agenda
  3. Among the objectives of teaching business education in secondary schools as outlined in the business education curriculum for junior secondary school (1983) include: 1. That the student may, after completing the junior secondary school will have opportunity for a job in a business organization or/and apprenticeship in industry. 2

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  1. All these emphases the important of business studies in our school curriculum. Business studies are an integral part .of vocational education which encourages the use of the head and the hands in acquiring specific practical training required in business and industry at the junior secondary school level. Business studies are taught as.
  2. Business Studies is a practical oriented subject in which students are provided opportunities to apply entrepreneurial skills in all practical projects and activities. I commend and approve this syllabus as the official curriculum for Business Studies to be used in all schools with Grades 9 and 10 students throughout Papua New Guinea. DR
  3. competition encourages secondary school students to apply their business education to a real-life scenario. Participants are asked to devise a creative enterprise idea and submit a 3000 word business plan, explaining how their great idea could become a profitable business. For teachers, the competition is a valuable tool to enhance the business.
  4. In case, you are in need of Recommended Textbook for Business Studies - Junior Secondary School Textbook, you need not search further. It is has been compiled in Microsoft format so you can have a reference point and share among fellow scholars
  5. Download scheme of work for business studies for junior second school document. On this page you can read or download scheme of work for business studies for junior second school in PDF format. If you don't see any interesting for you, use our search form on bottom ↓ . 2013/2014 second Term Scheme of work - Ambassadors.
  6. Why Is Business Education Important Today? Without proper business skills it is impossible to launch a successful company. May 28, 2019. May 28, 2019. As you can guess from the subject's name, business studies equip people for the dynamically developing the corporate world. Being part of a business or launching one nowadays is the key to success
  7. 2016 Junior Secondary (Grades 8-9) Textbook Catalogue 6 3.3 Explanation of columns used in the Textbook Catalogue Grade: This is a Grade for which a title has been approved. Title: This column lists the title of the textbook. At Junior Secondary level, where subjects are presented in the mother tongue, the titles are listed in th

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  1. ation in Bayelsa State of Nigeria. Studies on Home and Community Science: Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 131-134
  2. in junior secondary schools in Municipal Area Council. From the research findings, there is a The importance of good classroom management in the realization of the objectives of education them develop skills for working effectively in the classroom and school settings 2.2 Empirical Studies on classroom management Martin and Baldwin.
  3. d fresh and full of the most up-to-date information
  4. Social studies are taught in Pakistani school under the title of Pakistan studies at secondary level. It is taught in schools as a compulsory subject from secondary level to degree level. However, it is taught under the title of social studies from class first to class eight. Almost all the universities are offering the subject at advance level
  5. Here's some useful resources for Business: JC-Business not_business_as_usual_resource-3 how_the_world_works_2_ WorldTradeGame-2 How the World Works presentation WWGS 1.2.18-2 Just_Connections_Just_Trade_A_Teaching_Resource_about_Africa_2018_ Beat the System Lesson on Root Causes Business1-2 The Business of Food-2 PMIA A Business Studies Development Education Transition Unit Resource Pack.
  6. The study is about differentiated instruction: the inclusivity of learning styles in a Business Studies classroom. The study is important because it creates awareness as to why learners are failing to understand business concepts in a Business Studies classroom and how teachers' current way of teaching influences learners' mental attitudes towards learning
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Social studies, as one of the core subjects in junior secondary schools, is facing attitudinal challenge in the society which take toll on teaching and learning effectiveness of the subject. The challenge is not only from the subject teachers and the students, but also from the parents of the students concerned. To proffer solutions t educational performance of Junior Secondary School Students in Unity Schools in Jalingo, Taraba State. 1.3 Statement of the purpose This study tried to determine the extent to which the use of instructional materials influences educational performance of students in Integrated Science. 1.4Significance of the study This study: i junior secondary school students in terms of self-reliance through three key school subjects. The study is a descriptive survey carried out ex-post-facto. The population of the study consisted of 2,819 junior secondary school students in the 30 public secondary schools in Ohafia education zone of Abia State, Nigeria. Out of thi The inclusion of Social Studies in the curriculum right from primary to secondary classes signifies the importance of the subject and the role it plays in a student's life. Social Studies is incorporated in the school curriculum through a combination of subjects like - History, Geography, Cultural Studies, Economics, Political Science. The Importance of Instructional Materials in Teaching English as a Second Language Alabere Rabiat Ajoke Education and Modern Languages, Universiti Utara Malaysia/CAILS, Ilorin, Nigeria Abstract: This study evaluates the use of instructional materials in teaching English language as a second language among secondary school students

Added: 12 Oct 2016 Contributor: Siobhan OSullivan Resource type: Reference . This site is hosted by Junior Cycle for Teachers and contains a myriad of resources to support teaching, assessment and learning using the new Junior Cycle Business Studies Specification that secondary education is no longer terminal as far as the majority of the school-age population is concerned, but a transitional stage on the way to further studies. * Sixth, it follows that the hitherto academic orientation of the later stages of secondary education, appropriate when only a small number of students pro Business Studies (0450) The Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies syllabus develops learners' understanding of business activity in the public and private sectors, and the importance of innovation and change. Learners find out how the major types of business organisation are established, financed and run, and how their activities are regulated

Finally, the study will be of great importance to academias, lecturers, teachers, students and the public. 1.6 Scope and Limitation of the Study. The scope of this study covers extent of use of instructional materials for effective teaching and learning of Christian Religious Studies in junior secondary school Secondary students (Grades 11 and 12) throughout Papua New Guinea. This syllabus builds upon concepts, skills and attitudes learnt in Lower Secondary and provides a sound foundation for further learning. The Upper Secondary Computer Studies syllabus links to the National Education Plan's vision, which is that secondary education enables student Nigerian school system is divided into Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary school. Pupil spends six years in primary before they move to a secondary school where they also spend six years. The six years of secondary schools are divided into three years of Junior Secondary School (JSS) and three years of Senior Secondary School (SSS) Sex education is very important to adolescents and our secondary schools is the place where young boys and girls are trained both in character and in learning (Herman, 1999) but suffice is to say that sex, abortion, teenage pregnancy and other juvenile delinquency have made the above objective unrealistic considering the likelihood that.

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(ICT) on Business studies students' academic performance in Upper Basic Education in Tai Local Government Area of Rivers State. The population of the study comprised of all Junior Secondary School in Tai Local Government Area with sample size of 300. Two research questions were posed and tw this. No similar studies have been undertaken in Kenya more particularly in kiambu county Ndumberi division. 1.3 Purpose To find out the impact of sex differences on students academic performances, in secondary schools in Kiambu County, Ndumberi division. 1.4 Objectives of the study 1. To establish academic performance of boys and girls. 2 There have been a sporadic increase in the search for the government approved curriculum for Social Studies reason being that Social Studies is one of the most important subjects offered in Junior and senior secondary schools.It is also an important admission requirements for admission into any higher institution Poetry should not be taught in schools (Junior) Poetry is an art form which uses the beauty and rhythm of language to produce emotions in a reader. It is a creative piece of writing that often has meanings and messages that appear hidden. Poetry is an ancient art form and dates back to the first human civilization in Sumer more than four.

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In 2001 Botswana's education system was comprised of seven years of primary education, three years of junior secondary education, and two years of senior secondary education. Each year at the primary level is a Standard, and each secondary level is a Form. This system was implemented in 1995 as a result of a 1993 National Education Commission. EDUDELIGHT GROUP OF SCHOOLS. 3 RD TERM EXAMINATION 2019/2020 SESSION. SUBJECT; BUSINESS STUDIES CLASS: JS 2 TIME : 1 ½ hrs . SECTION A: OBJECTIVES- Answer all questions. A market is a place when buying and selling take place (true/false) There are basically _____types of market (a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 5 (e) Some Secondary schools have adopted programmes which focus on Learning to learn and Enquiry based learning which move learning away from simple subject knowledge to higher level thinking skills in all subjects. This is key to delivering what society and business want to see from our education system in the 21st century or resource schools until such time that they can join a mainstream school structure, if possible. Including gender perspectives in the curriculum is important in order to raise awareness of gender stereotyping (e.g. gender roles we previously associated with business/enterprise people etc.)

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Business Studies Study Business Studies for Secondary Education. Combine your passions for education and business with a teaching area in teaching Business Studies, through our Bachelor of Education (Secondary) degree. You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach HSC Business Studies, as well as junior elective courses schools should provide high quality music education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. • New music education hubs will take forward the work of local authority music services from September 2012, helping improve the quality and consistency of music education across England, both in and out of school The exams popularly referred to as Junior WAEC is used to give students admission into senior secondary schools in Nigeria. About BECE in Nigeria To transit from the ninth year of the basic education class to the senior secondary, the BECE is conducted for candidates in their third year of the Junior Secondary School

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The significance of this study is to examine the importance of audio/visual aid in the teaching of reading Social studies in secondary schools.Audio Visual. This study will aid in spelling pronunciation and fluency of student in reading. It will suggest meaningful way of handing the aid to bring about positive change in the student-reading pattern Social studies skills are a critical aspect of early childhood education. Read on to learn how these skills can impact student learning and development in the early childhood classroom in Education) who teaches Social Studies at Government Secondary School in Kpite, Tai Local Government Area of Rivers State. She teaches Junior Secondary School class 3. The size of her class is 40. According to Mrs. IKENNA-OBI, before, this experiment, she has never used full-scale DRAMA, as a teaching method. Most of the time, she use 14,829 secondary schools in Nigeria. Out of this number 2,930 secondary schools or 19.76% were from South West while 508 secondary schools or 17.34% were from Ogun State. One of the essential ingredients in developing good schools with high academic performance is regular supply of human and material resources First Term, Second Term and Third Term Examination for Nursery and Kindergarten Classes, Primary Schools, Junior Secondary Schools and Senior Secondary Schools. Read more Lagos State New Approved 2020/2021 Academic Calendar Pdf Free Downloa

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Nwafor Orizu College of education, Nsugbe-Anambra State Abstract The study is geared towards assessing the impact of instructional materials in teaching and learning of physics in senior secondary schools with special reference to secondary schools in Onitsha Educational zone of Anambra State This notice is being sent to all pupils that are third academic year at different junior secondary schools all over Nigeria. The JSCE examination is designed to help pupils transition from Junior Secondary School 3 to Senior Secondary School 1 or JSS3 to SSS1. Nevertheless, below is the Junior Waec Time Table 2021 You are advised to print. In spite of the importance of Social Studies in national development and the out a study on the usage of instructional materials by social studies teachers in junior secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. In this study female teachers were found to use instructional materials more frequently than the.