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On Christmas, the Hubermanns' adult children Hans Junior and Trudy visit, and Liesel, not expecting to get anything at all because of the family's lack of money, receives two books: Faust the Dog and The Lighthouse, the latter written by a woman. Hans traded his precious cigarette rations for them. Source(s Despite the war, the Hubermanns have the greatest Christmas ever, thanks to Liesel's snowman and a spontaneous indoor snowball fight. But when Max gets sick, the situation is doubly dire. Not only is Liesel concerned about the health of her new friend, but the Hubermanns must also worry about the jeopardy they will be put in if he dies On Christmas Eve Liesel brings down handfuls of snow for Max to taste. Then she gathers more and builds a snowman in the basement. Everyone has a brief time of pure joy, and then they fall asleep. Max starts to get sick after that, however, and he can't seem to ever get warm. By mid-February he collapses and hits his head on the accordion case Summary. On Christmas Eve, Liesel brings pots and pans filled with snow downstairs to Max. They have a snowball fight and Hans and Rosa join. Then, they build a snowman and it melts, but they all remember the snowman and carry it with them. From this night and through January, Max's health deteriorates The Hubermanns and Liesel celebrate Christmas with the giving of gifts. Rosa prays while the Nazis measure the basement and every night while Hans is away serving in the army. Liesel prays for God to protect Max when he leaves their home

Liesel sneaks in and takes a red book called The Dream Carrier. Death hints that Ilsa keeps her library window open so that Liesel can steal books. At home, Liesel starts reading the book to Max. In mid-March Liesel overhears Hans and Rosa discussing what to do with Max's corpse should he die. Liesel insists that Max is not dead yet What gift does Hans give Liesel for her first Christmas with the Hubermanns? How does he get the money to buy the gift? She is very harsh and curses a lot. She loves Liesel but she shows it by beating her with wooden spoons If Max has died, a major worry of the Hubermanns was... He hides under the stairs, behind drop sheets and paint cans Liesel ends up getting kicked by a Nazi in the back, but is able to run away, like Rudy does. The Hidden Sketchbook There is an air raid shortly before Christmas in 1942 9. Liesel and Max are initially wary of each other. They begin to form a friendship when they start comparing their nightmares. Their nightmares are similar because. They both dream of being chased by dogs, and Liesel and Max are both afraid of dogs. They both left family members behind in order to escape to safety Start studying English (Parker&Branton) The book thief Part 2&3. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools

The characters of Max and Liesel have much in common that makes them well-suited, even ideal, friends. Most obviously, both characters are taken in by the Hubermann family, Hans and Rosa What gift does Liesel bring Max daily? What gift does Liesel receive on her 12th birthday? How does she include Max in her special day? Pages from the Basement Liesel can not go in the basement because _____. Comment on the importance of the book Max gives Liesel. How does he give it her & what is her reaction Liesels and Papa's Conversation at the Church. Against all hopelessness, Liesel still checked the mailbox each afternoon, throughout March and well into April. This was despite the a Hans-requested visit from Frau Heinrich, who explained to the Hubermanns that the foster care office had lost contact completely with Paula Meminger #1: What does Liesel give Max on Christmas Eve? #2: How does Liesel get out of the soccer game so she can warn the Hubermanns of the Nazi soldiers? #3: How do the residents of Molching celebrate Hitler's birthday? #4: What are the names of Mr. & Mrs. Hubermann's children Max also understands the power of words. For Liesel's birthday, he paints over the pages of Mein Kampf and makes a book for Liesel called The Standover Man. It is the story of his life, how he had to leave his family, about his journey to the Hubermanns, and about Liesel, who has become his friend and watches over him

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  1. gers on the train to Molching? their mother could no longer care for them: who does liesel live with after.
  2. 7. What gift does Rosa give Liesel from Max? 8. What does Liesel give Rudy for Christmas? Part 9 1. What food item did Liesel and Rudy find on the windowsill at the Mayor's house? 2. What happened to Frau Holtzapfel's sons? 3. What happens to allow Hans Hubermann to come home? 4. After the air raid, what do Rudy and Liesel see? Part 10.
  3. Liesel is definitely a substitute for Hans children because her foster parents had gained Liesel's love and trust and vice versa. Hans and Rosa never trusted Hans Junior and Trudy. They are different than Rosa and Hans politically and as their children gotten older, they separate from the Hubermanns more and more
  4. The Book Thief Summaries Chapter Exam Instructions. Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. You can skip questions if you would like and come back.

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1. What does Rudy do to earn his extra laps and drills from Franz Deutscher? 2. What sets Viktor Chemmel apart from the other members of the fruit -stealing gang? 3. What is the subject of the book Max writes? 4. What humiliating event makes Rudy hungry for victory? 5. What does Liesel steal from the mayor's house A chronology of the events in The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. [Note: times are not accurate, but just approximate and based on Liesel's ages that are mentioned and the real life events that occurred 19 October 2020. 108 test answers. question. Author of The Book Thief. answer. Markus Zuask. question. What does Hans Hubermann convince Liesel to do after she has been in their house for a few weeks? answer 50. What changes does Liesel notice in Rosa after the arrival of Max? 211 51. What does the family tell Trudy about Max when she comes to visit at Christmas? 215-216 52. To what does Liesel liken Max's freshly-washed hair? 216 53. What do Max and Liesel share that brings a small breakthrough in their relationship? 220 54

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The Book Thief Study Guide Questions Prologue: A Mountain Range of Rubble Death & Chocolate 1. From what point of view is the novel told? Omniscient first person Who is the narrator of the story? Death How do you know? From the descriptions in the introduction 2. What theory does the narrator suggest about colors Max remains alone in the Hubermanns' basement, which has been deemed too shallow to be a shelter. On the street, everyone carries their most precious possessions -- Liesel takes her books. The shelter is in the basement of the Fielders; 22 people are there, including the Steiners, Frau Holtzapfel , and Pfiffikus Max wasn't ready to go yet, and he wasn't going to let Death do his duty. Max opens his eyes briefly on his fifth day in Liesel's bed. Days pass and Max wakes, groans, and is greeted by Rosa, who.

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  1. To brighten Max's spirits, Liesel brings buckets of snow down to the basement to build a snowman with Max. Hans and Rosa join. Even though, the snowman won't necessarily stay in tact, no matter how cold the basement may be, Liesel still takes the time to do this for Max. Shortly after, Liesel and the Hubermanns have the scare of Max almost dying
  2. Max warns Liesel to let go of him, but she continues to walk with him. A soldier drags her away and throws her off. Liesel gets up and returns to Max; she mentions The Word Shaker and The Standover Man. He stops walking, as do the rest of the Jews. They embrace, and Max is whipped while Liesel is dragged away again
  3. What do liesel and Hans discuss at the train station? He asks liesel to take care of his accordion and to keep reading in the shelter. Liesel agrees and Hans also promises to play the accordion for her when he returns. 12 days after alex leaves, Rudy asks liesel to go out with him. Where do they go
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  5. When Liesel finds out about Max's nightmares and past, she develops a connection with him that she doesn't have with anyone else. Between trains and death and nightmares, they have more understanding of one another than other people. I really felt bad for Max. He is safe, but at the same time, he is lonely and cold

30 seconds. Q. The book Max leaves for Liesel is called The Word Shaker. It is about. answer choices. a girl who grows her own tree in the forest. a man who shakes words out of chickens. a family that eats words instead of soup. a boy who sails the River Amper on a boat made of a kiss The power of the ideas contained in books can incite crowds to violence, and can make ordinary people commit horrible acts. Towards the end of the novel, the knowledge of the potential evil in literature makes Liesel destroy a book. Books are additionally a weapon of resistance. Max smuggles his false identity card in a copy of MKPF, which he.

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The Lighthouse - for Christmas from Papa. who traded cigarettes to get it. Brave. Trustworthy. Mama, Papa, and Max trust her to keep the secret of Max living in their basement. is in love with her but she doesn't feel the same. Jewish, so he is in hiding. German. German. German Liesel Meminger: Also known as the book thief, Liesel is the hardworking and kind-hearted main character of the story. Her brother died on a train and her mother and father have both disapeared. Liesel is than forced to live with her foster family, the Hubermanns. During the story she creates many relationships What gifts does Liesel receive for Christmas from the Hubermanns'? What question does the receipt of these gifts inspire Liesel to ask? Infer about Liesel's relationship with the Hubermanns based on her question. The Town Walker 1. Why does Mama put Liesel in charge of collecting & delivering the laundry? How does Liesel feel about.

6. Why did Liesel take Rudy to his father's abandoned shop on Christmas night? 7. What do you suppose transformed Rudy Steiner from an apple thief into a bread giver? 8. Why do you think Hans Hubermann's letters home were so brief? 9. What do you think Max's book revealed about the power of words? How might words represent both beauty and. The Book Thief Book Quiz. #1: What does Liesel give Max on Christmas Eve? #2: How does Liesel get out of the soccer game so she can warn the Hubermanns of the Nazi soldiers? #3: How do the residents of Molching celebrate Hitler's birthday? #4: What are the names of Mr. & Mrs. Hubermann's children After Liesel leaves a letter saying she will not return to the Hermann's library, Frau Hermann comes to the Hubermanns house and gives Liesel two gifts, a blank notebook and a compliment on her writing. Frau Hermann does not want Liesel, in her anger and disappointment at the world, to limit her own life, as she herself has been doing

Liesel finds her brother dead on the train to Munich. He had been coughing and then he was just dead. Liesel's mother opened the door and she and Liesel exited the train, along eith two guards. The final decision on what to do with them was to take them to the next town and let them take care of their business there This quotation conveys the happiness and connection between Liesel and Max. As Liesel's family cannot afford a Christmas gift for Max, Liesel is able to obtain a free gift by taking buckets of snow and ice. This gift is memorable and meaningful for Max as he is confined to the Hubermanns' basement as a Jewish man living in Nazi Germany On this day, Max Vandenburg leaves for Molching, seeking saftety from the Hubermanns. During WWI, Max's father saved Hans's life and so he promised to help the family in what ever way he could, giving Max's mother his address and name. This is the start of one of the most important storylines in the Book Thief

A chronology of the events in The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. [Note: times are not accurate, but just approximate and based on Liesel's ages that are mentioned and the real life events that occurred Liesel's first book she finds in the snow at her brother's funeral. Faust the Dog and The Lighthouse. The two books Liesel receives for Christmas. The Shoulder Shrug. Mein Kampf. The Dream Carrier. A Song in the Dark. The Complete Duden Dictionary and Thesaurus. The Whistler Why does Max sleep the first 3 days with the Hubermanns? What does he say in his sleep? The Swapping of Nightmares 1. Why does Max decide he should hide in the basement? Behind what is he hidden? 2. Why does Max want to get up & walk out of the Hubermanns' house? What does he do, and why? 3. Liesel notices _____ in the basement The Weight of the Words: The Impact of Words and Language in The Book Thief This was an English essay I wrote in Grade 12 - it was basically an excuse to talk about why I love The Book Thief so much. Words are one of the most powerful ways we communicate with each other. In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, the impact of words and language is felt throughout the novel On Christmas Eve, Liesel builds a snowman in the basement for Max. Shortly afterwards, Max gets very sick and falls into a coma. Death comes to Himmel Street and visits Max but doesn't take his soul. Liesel begins bringing him presents from the outside world, such as a pinecone, a feather, and a candy wrapper

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The social worker who delivered Liesel to the Hubermanns arrives and informs Liesel that she has lost contact with Liesel's mother, but Liesel continues to hope for a response to her letter. On the day of Hitler's birthday, the town decorates the streets with German flags and Nazi swastikas the book thief and schindler's list. . Lessons 1 - 4: . Introduction to The Book Thief: At its most basic level, it is the story of Liesel Meminger, a young German girl who is placed in foster care during the early years of World War II by a mother too ill to care for her any longer. Background Information

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Years later, during the Nazis' reign of terror, Max's mother calls upon Hans for help. Max's friend travels to Himmel Street to ask Hans to shelter Max, and Hans agrees to do so. After a tortuous journey to the Hubermanns' residence, Max finally regains his health, and befriends Liesel due to their shared affinity for nightmares and words Hitler invites the crowd into the ring to help him beat up Max. They do it. Death says that, In the basement of 33 Himmel Street, Max Vandenburg could feel the fists of an entire nation (38.112). Now Liesel climbs into the ring, crying, handing Max the crossword puzzle to work. And then the darkness of the basement overtakes Max once again. Liesel is full of questions. Death says: When Liesel looked back on the events of her life, those nights in the living room are some of the clearest memories she had. (35.128) Liesel and Max might be in different bedrooms, but they both have nightmares every night. When Papa notes the similarity, Liesel gets an idea

What chapter does Liesel steal her first book? The Book Thief Chapter 13. What gift does Frau Hermann claim Liesel has? Frau Hermann leaves other gifts — cookies and a dictionary. She lets Liesel know that she is welcome to come to the front door, too. Who is Frau holtzapfel? Frau Holtzapfel The Hubermanns' neighbor What does Rudy do with his medals? What did Rudy do with the medals he did win? He left them for Liesel. She invited Liesel into her house and to knock on the door rather than sneaking into to steal the books. Why does Max leave the Hubermanns? Max leaves the Hubermanns' house in part 7 of The Book Thief in a chapter called Peace

The Novel: The Book Thief. The Book Thief. 1. Look carefully at the design of the novel The Book Thief. Describe in your own words how this novel. 'looks' different from others you've read. 2. Visit author Markus Zusak's site and write a brief description of Zusak's life as a writer as revealed in his. answers to the interview questions Then we learn Max survived the concentration camp, and he and Liesel reunited at the end of World War II. But, we don't learn what happens to Max after that. The novel ends with Death giving Liesel back her book, The Book Thief, as he's taking her soul away from her body. Who is Frau holtzapfel? Frau Holtzapfel The Hubermanns' neighbor Liesel had the courage to accept befriend Max and loyal enough to keep it a secret. Courageously, Liesel went ahead and befriended Max. Liesel made Max feel wanted and his whole attitude changed. Instead of feeling like an unwanted Jew that represented everything wrong with Germany, Liesel made Max feel like a human Relocating Max from the basement to Liesel?s bedroom, the Hubermanns braced themselves for the longest three minutes of their lives. As the Nazis descended the steps to the basement, Hans, Rosa, and Liesel shivered at the thought of having their basement used as a bomb shelter, wondering what they would do with Max each time the bomb danger.

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When Liesel's classmates have to do a reading, Liesel gets skipped over because her teacher knows that she can't read. Liesel volunteers anyways, and humiliates herself. She can not actually read the passage, so says something that she had memorized from The Grave Digger's Handbook. This results in a Watchsen. (pg 77 What does Liesel learn about Rosa after Max's arrival,according to Death? 7. What helps Liesel to maintain her sanity? 8. What comparison does Death make to Liesel reading in the mayor's library and Max living in the basement? 9. How does Hans and Liesel's reading save Max's life? 10

When Liesel is delivering the washing, Ilsa begins allowing Liesel to read in her library. Later Ilsa says that she cannot afford the washing any more so Liesel who is upset begins breaking into her study and stealing books. A Jewish man named Max Vandenberg then comes to stay at the Hubermanns. Liesel and Max become very close Do you think Hans was more motivated to help Max for moral reasons in conjunction to his opposition to the Nazi Party, or because of his need to keep a promise? What is significant about Max's book that he created for Liesel? Think of the materials he used to make the book, and what the meaning of the book is for Max Liesel is 9 years old. 1939 Hans Hubermann teaches Liesel to roll cigarettes. Liesel is instructed to call Hans, papa and Rosa, mama. Liesel begins to have nightmares and Hans comforts her. Liesel begins to learn to read. 1939 While playing soccer on Himmel Street, Liesel meets Rudy Steiner Liesel and Rosa receive a letter from Hans telling about his return. Liesel takes the letter over to the Steiners to celebrate, and with Mrs. Steiner, she does. Rudy, however, tries to act happy.

The story of Max and Liesel on her birthday she gave me a gift She went down to the basement to thank Max. She ends up falling asleep beside him. I say Max is preparing a surprise for her. Max's book to Liesel is his story of his life and their friendship. It has him as a bird - because she said his hair was like feathers Due to him, Liesel and Rudy leave Youth League and join their food-stealing gang. Liesel gets a book, and the Youth League's leader throws it to a river, and Rudy jumps to save it. After saving, he asks for a kiss, which is refused. Part VI - The Dream Carrier. Christmas has arrived, and Liesel builds a snowman for Max

This quote explains how the Hubermanns are hiding Max at great personal risk to themselves; therefore, the inevitable discussion of what to do if Max dies has to be faced. As a child, Liesel does not want to face this, but the grown-ups have to consider the possible outcomes. Reality, no matter the circumstances, is horrific The Hubermanns are hiding Max at great personal risk to themselves; therefore, the inevitable discussion of what to do if Max dies has to be faced. As a child, Liesel does not want to face this, but the grown-ups have to consider the possible outcomes. Reality, no matter the circumstances, is horrific

Hans Hubermann Jr. is the son of Hans Hubermann and Rosa Hubermann.He is an ardent supporter of the Nazis. 1939 Hans, like his sister Trudy, only visits his parents' house on Christmas.On Christmas 1939, the first Christmas Liesel Meminger spends with the Hubermanns, he has a fight with his father about his father's failure to obtain membership in the Nazi Party (due to an earlier event in. Overall, this part of the book was filled with important events. First, Liesel finally stays at the mayor's house and finds that his wife has a large library that Liesel can come to when she wants. Next, her and Rudy join a gang of thieves to steal food to feed their families and themselves. Finally, Max Vandenburg came to hide at the Hubermann. The Snow Ball Fight and the Snow Man: These are a symbol for life. We have to do it and in the end it all melts away. Hopefully, we'll have a great time in the process like the Hubermanns, Liesel and Max. The Grave Digger's Handbook is the first book that Liesel uses to learn to read Because Max heard news from his family, he left to try to rejoin them. Because of the kindness of Mrs. Hermann, Liesel was able to obtain fake papers for him. Because Hans helped a Jew in the parade, the Nazis immediately searched the home, found Max, and took him away

Hans Hubermannwas the foster father of Liesel Meminger and the husband of Rosa Hubermann. Hans was an inhabitant of Molching, Germany. He fought in World War I, where Eric Vandenburg saved his life. To show his gratitude he decided to make a promise to the Vandenburg's . He went back to Molching when the war ended in 1918. In 1939, when he already had two children, Trudy Hubermann and Hans. Shortly after Christmas of 1942—an event highlighted by Liesel, her foster parents, and Max building a snowman in the basement using buckets of snow from outside their house—Max's health begins to decline. In February, he collapses and falls unconscious. The Hubermanns place him upstairs in Liesel's bed to recover 4. What do Rudy and Liesel do the next time the Nazis march the Jews through Molching? 5. What gift does Rosa give Liesel from Max? 6. What does Liesel give Rudy for Christmas? Part 9 1. What happens to allow Hans Hubermann to come home? 2. After the air raid, what do Rudy and Liesel see? Part 10 1 Liesel even saves Max using words. When Max is sick, and at this point in the war, what were the Hubermanns going to do if a Jew died in their home? Liesel never gives up she reads to him and describes her activities to him. She reads entire books to him and even steals another book, just to read it to Max. And it works. He wakes up Max is worried about living with a young girl because children don't keep secrets very well. Max and Liesel, however, are each other's best medicine during this time of danger. Summary of The Wrath of Rosa and Liesel's Lecture The Hubermanns are afraid but rise to the occasion