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  1. Navigate to Tumblr.com and log in to your account. Step 2 Click the link for the blog on which you want the reblog to appear at the top of your Dashboard. Step
  2. However, you can create a secondary blog and password protect it. 01. To create a password protect your Tumblr blog, click on the profile Icon at the top right corner and click on +New Button. 02
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  4. Now, to make your private Tumblr blog, click the down arrow beside your blog's name on the right side and click Create a new blog. Enter a name and address for your new blog, and then check the box beside Password protect this blog and enter a password if you want to keep it secure. Once you're finished, click Create Private Blog

All you need to click on it and start typing the secondary blog name on the place of your primary blog address. For making changes, you need to take recourse of third or temporary blog name which is not taken by anyone on Tumblr. Now, replace your secondary blog with this temporary blog then, replace your primary blog with your secondary blog URL In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to create a tumblr blog full guide. How to create a free website and earn money. Read more here: http://bit.ly/raq.. enter in your title, url, and (optional) password, then click create. voila! this blog will now appear in that drop down menu seen in the last picture. When you select your sideblog from that menu, it will look like your regular blog's page (tumblr.com/blog/yourblogsurl). This will show your follower count, posts, drafts, activity, queue etc Update: If you're leaving Tumblr don't forget you can also export your Tumblr blog to a ZIP file using these instructions. 1. Sign up for a WordPress.com account. You need a WordPress.com blog, simply follow the steps to select your username and confirm your account via email. Be sure to choose a free domain and free plan for now. 2

So if my second blog is a Tumblr for a character named Myriam, I would probably use 1234+myriam@gmail.com, so I remember that the account is Myriam's! When you're signing up, it should look like this. Verify the Tumblr blog - with the same email! The verification email will be sent to the same email you used for the first account Step 4. Click Save to confirm your choice and make the Tumblr blog private. A password prompt will now appear whenever someone loads the blog's URL. Only secondary Tumblr blogs can be set as private. The primary blog associated with your account (the first one you created after registering) must remain public In the Blogs section near the bottom-right corner of the page, click the name of the secondary blog you want to delete. This will cause the blog's Settings page to open. If you want to delete your primary blog, you'll have to delete your whole account Tumblr has two different types of blogs-primary and secondary blogs-which can access different features of Tumblr. Here's the rundown: Primary blogs. Created when you first signed up for Tumblr; Social features (normal) Can follow other blogs, like and reply to posts; Used as the username when you ask and submit content to other blogs Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people

How to allow secondary user make calls/send SMS. Second user won't be able to make calls by default, for allowing this you are supposed to log in with your primary user account. Proceed further: up to the Settings and head to Users menu; Hit the gear icon next to the secondary user's name. Now enable the Turn on Phone calls/SMS. The whole Javascript code you'll have to write to get the layout effect looks like this: Notice I used easingcss3: 'cubic-bezier (.825,0,.5,1)',. That's because that's the easing effect used by Tumblr website, but it would look good as well if you leave the default fullPage.js easing and just omit easingcss3 from your fullpage.js initialisation. Applying the Theme to Tumblr. Visit your Tumblr dashboard, select a blog, and click Customize. In the next screen, click the Edit HTML link. You'll be presented with a text editor that will show.

See a recent post on Tumblr from @burgers-and-fries-nation about how-to-put-music-on-your-blog. Discover more posts about how-to-put-music-on-your-blog Welcome to html-help! This Tumblr of HTML was created on 11/06/2012 and I'm here in order to help you out with anything related to HTML. Remember to always consult my Tutorials to see if anything you need is there. If you don't find what you're looking for, my ask box is open for you. I'll try my best to answer all your questions Create a Tumblr app. In order to connect your Tumblr account to the new website, you will have to create an application that will do the actual transfer for you (trust us; it is much easier to register the app than doing the transfer manually). For starters, you might find a new WordPress theme that can change the appearance of your blog in. hi there! i am so sorry this is so late! also, it's not dumb! and thank you, even tho i'm not there yet, but i hope to be someday hehehe. there are ways to create a navigation page, simple one is just create a page and add the links there, using lists and html markup to separate that, like this.they're called standard layout pages. other way would be you create a page and someone already.

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  2. 4. Click the green Create Blog button to create the secondary blog. You are taken directly to the secondary blog's Dashboard and can start adding posts immediately. To select a different blog.
  3. 1. create a blog. if you are seeing this post i assume that you already have a blog! maybe you don't but luckily for you its very easy to create one. the main think you need to think about is whether you want to create a primary or secondary blog! you can find the differences between these here! 2. choose a URL/blog nam

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Let's face it: when you have a roleplay blog on Tumblr, having a generic layout hardly ever does the job. You need to have pages, tags, navigation, and make sure that other bloggers can easily get all around your blog. It's also important to have a layout that's stream-lined, easy to navigate, and still looks aesthetically pleasing Just Commander here. This is a secondary blog, so i'll just write something sometimes. Oh wait. I forgot I can't like nor reply nor reblog on a secondary account. Ugh. Time to create a NEW one for this stuff then. I forgot tumblr is a totally functional website. Lol. Lol While hand sanitizer is a great option, it is still the second-best hand wash in the past. There is no substitute for controlling the spread of germs in handwashing - nothing we do will work like that, said Russell Buhr, MD, Ph.D., a lung and critical care physician at UCLA Medical Center Finding a Tumblr Blog Owner. Tumblr doesn't have a unified account the same way that WordPress or Blogger does. Or, rather, it does, but it's not made public information. When you create a Tumblr blog, it becomes your primary blog. You can create secondary blogs managed with the same account, but they are not otherwise tied to each other Can I import my Tumblr blog into your site? How do I change my blog's name? What extension / format videos should be? What is the size limit for Images and Videos? Site's not loading correctly for me / I found a bug, what to do? Can I create sub blogs? (Another blogs for the same account

Tips and prompts for creating new worlds. Whether you're writing Science Fiction or Fantasy, it's incredibly likely that you're not writing your story on Earth as we know it. In fact, you might be going lengths to create a habitable world on a new planet for your story. Or perhaps you're less concerned with the technical aspects and. Note: New browser versions are frequently released.Make sure to keep your browser updated to the latest version for best results. Fix issues with custom domain setup. If you have a problem with Blogger, see info on troubleshooting issues Option 1. Custom Categories and Menus for Multiple Blogs. Probably the easiest way to create multiple blogs on one site is to make use of Categories, Menus, and Users features already built into WordPress. The first thing to do is log into your site and navigate to Posts - Categories. It will be near the top of the left sidebar in the admin. This blog isn't meant to cause harm or spread rumors. It is simply a discussion blog for us to talk. I've seen some really great blogs out there but wanted to create my own to connect with people who might feel the same as me, and if you don't that's totally fine too. Feel free to send in any thoughts/opinions you might have There is a huge benefit to creating your own world, freeing it of a lot of baggage, but just because you create an alternate Earth doesn't mean you will be freed from all of these issues, either. An important thing to keep in mind is this: just because writing inclusively is difficult doesn't mean you shouldn't do it

A user might have a personal blog as their primary one while having secondary blogs dedicated to promoting their photography, for example. It's easy to get acclimated to Tumblr's dashboard. After. How to Start a Successful Blog in 5 Steps. Choose your blog name and get your blog hosting. Start your blog by adding WordPress. Pick a simple theme to make your blog your own. Add two key blogging plugins to find your readers and track stats. Write compelling content to create a blog that your readers love on hiatus must i be. i'm on hiatus. i'll come here and answer asks and make queue lists, but i won't be always around, i'm sorry about that, i'll try to be more present. not taking requests for psds or icons. gif and coloring tutorials. all coloring tutorials Tumblr's dashboard is really easy to navigate around. At the top, you have an option of viewing all posts or just those that you have created. When you follow other Tumblr users, you can view their posts on your dashboard. Each post has like and re-blog options at the top-right There are a lot of theories on why that's the case and I don't want to get into that right now, but the fact remains and Winx Club fits right into this. It started out as a cartoon with a diverse cast in the early 2000s, then started whitewashing their characters in the late 2010s

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Click Create blog post.. In the Title field, enter a title for your blog post.. In the Content field, enter content for your blog post.. In the Organization section, from the Blog drop-down menu, select Create a new blog.. In the Blog title field, enter a title for the blog.. Click Save.. Now that you've created your blog, you can add your blog to your main navigation menu inejz-ghafa:. i've gotten a lot of requests recently asking me to make a tutorial for my 'colorporn' gifsets, and i think i've finally gotten over the traumatic incident 3 years ago, when i spent all day writing out a coloring tutorial only to accidentally hit backspace causing the entire thing to be wiped. so, here it is, buckle up folks! it's going to be a long ride but here's. any side blogs? sadly, this is a side blog! i wish i would've just made a new tumblr account when i first started instead of making this a secondary blog -_- how long have you been on tumblr? according to postlimit.com my main blog is 8 years old & this one is already 4 years old!!! whatttt; Keep readin If you register your blog from scratch, a dialog that asks if you'd like to set up a domain. If you're editing an existing blog, go into Settings: Basic and choose +Add a custom domain . You can add either add an existing domain you've already registered or register a new domain right on the spot

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  1. No one that's so confident. Everyone just get better by trials and errors. You won't if you never get started.Marketing Art Through Social MediaThe second step is setting up your art on social media platforms.This art marketing strategy is hundred percent free and this is the first step of getting art sales online
  2. I often work from photos I take on my cellphone, sometimes I'll zoom in and see a little composition of colours. At times I get inspired from things I see when I'm walking around town, then I'll write down the colours in my notes on my phone and try to remember how to put them together. And then I'll draw something, if I get an image.
  3. You can use the search bar up top to navigate to different parts of the blog, such as helpful tools, informal/semi-regular updates, personal writing, some school work, an ask box if you ever need to ask anything, and so much more! (Everything is always tagged properly, so no worries there!) I can't wait to see where this goes :

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Medium is an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic Main Blog. I just wanted to let you all know that I have hundreds of messages in my inbox right now so it will take a little while for me to respond to everyone. I really do appreciate you all waiting patiently! No, I have not ignored your message and no, I am not dead. I am very much alive, however, it's really difficult to dissect each and. You can use Tumblr's WYSIWYG editor or you can click on HTML to add your code. Voila! Now you can see what the post will look like. The only thing you may need to add are the paragraph breaks. Add a few tags in and click on the green Create Post button and the Tumblr blog is up with a link to your original blog post At Bunker Basics, I discuss the importance of prepping. Prepping is insurance against disaster. It's more important now than ever to be prepared

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  2. WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. Trusted by the Best
  3. Game development blog [Second week of 2021.7] White Spirit devlog - Revival of old heritage I started to create the effect that should show when wielding wand. I worked on the effects to match the in-game background theory. and the second reason is that I can give it a separate visual effect
  4. When a blog is made publicly accessible, anyone can typically find the blog through links available on the blog owner's individual or business website, their social media profiles, emails and e-newsletters and online keyword search engines.Many blog owners also set up blogs on websites devoted to the creation, storage and sharing of blogs, such as Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr and WordPress

Microblogging services. Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest are three of the most popular microblogging sites.Facebook, a social network, can also be used for sharing.. Tumblr. Tumblr is a microblogging service that lets you create and update your own blog. People use Tumblr to share images, videos, links, and short text posts.Tumblr's simple posting tools and visually appealing layouts make it. Hello everyone! As we are getting closer to the release of Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion, the first ever KSP expansion, it's a good time to start detailing how some of the features will actually work.In the upcoming weeks, we'll be posting articles with the purpose of preparing you for the launch of the expansion How to Make a Second Page on a Tumblr Photo Blog. With an interface like a cross between a fully-featured blogging service and a micro-blog, Tumblr is ideal for running a photo blog. A single. An alternate way to get to a secondary blog is to open the said blog via the dashboard, and then launch the Mass Post Editor directly. But for rapid switching, replacing the username on the. 2. Get posting. Ah the crucial bit of the how to start a blog process: the actual blogging.If you're on Tumblr, you can virtually ignore this step. Just start shitposting and/or reblogging other.

2: One Account, Many Blogs. Tumblr allows you to create different blogs with the same accounts and switch among them. Many artists are creating one blog to curate their inspiration, and another one to share their art. It is a huge advantage for bloggers in terms of content and account management Want to learn more about how you can Win the Game of Social Media? Putting all this together takes time and is part of creating a successful social media stra To get started you first need to create a Tumblr account. Set one up and then navigate to the settings area after logging in. For each client I'll typically set up two Tumblr blogs or use my own testing Tumblr and create a password-protected blog for development and viewing before the site goes live A peer review can be just as rewarding for the reviewer as it is for the recipient. As Amelia Protas, Best Peer Review winner for our Food Writing Competition, says, A peer review is that much more rewarding when you know your feedback is helping a writer improve a piece that means a lot to them.For this reason, I often try to review as many pieces as I can for Write the World competitions Tumblr is quite intuitive. Get to the dashboard, and you should be able to figure out what you want to do pretty easily. However, there are lots of trivial tasks that are a breeze to perform, yet.

afellowfanfictionwriterhelp-blog asked: Hi there! This blog has been an amazing help so far, and even though I have been scrolling through it for over an hour, I didn't seem to be able to find my question. Or if it has been asked before, I must have overlooked it, so do forgive me if this is the second time you've been asked this Access your blog Layout > click Edit icon on Payment Options widget. Payment Option: In New Site Name add paymentOption, in New Site URL add your option, after click on save button. default is PayPal. PayPal Email: In New Site Name add paypalMail, in New Site URL add your paypal e-mail, after click on save button

The blog of Celestial Teapot, an Indie Mac App Shop. I've put together a couple of instructional videos on how to create and work with Bézier Paths in Shapes and Runway. The first video covers the basics of creating and editing Bézier Paths with straight line segments: The second video covers more advanced Bézier Path concepts, such as. add Add Applepaw to your server! help This command will show you all of the commands within Discord. sister ughhhhh. socials Shows Applepaw's social medias! stats Gives you Applepaw's server stats. suggest Use this command if you have a suggestion! support Will link to my support server! uwu uwu uwu uwu In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to create pages and add links to your blog. Pages might be extra info you need on a separate page. A biography, what your blog is about, what you like, dislike, etc. A link is just a way make the info on your blog more accessible. We can link a page, a tag, another blog, etc. Keep readin

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To crown it, create a how-to-guide. It is a type of value that cannot be underestimated. Great Contents with Depth: Regardless of the word count of your blog post, you will be doing yourself a great disfavour by simply creating a long post with little or no depth. People need to see the number of researches you have put to work Welcome back to my blog. Today I'm going to be recapping the show notes for my second Podcast. I wish that I was able to keep up with a more consistent schedule and make my podcast more often, but I'm still really excited to be sharing all the things I've been working on How to Start a Blog in 6 Steps. Pick a blog name. Choose a descriptive name for your blog. Get your blog online. Register your blog and get hosting. Customize your blog. Choose a free blog design template and tweak it. Write & publish your first post. Share your thoughts with the world Preparation First let's set up our section and blog module. On your page, add a new standard section with a single column.In the row settings, make it Fullwidth.. I am going to show you how to create a 2, 3 and 4 column layout but the actual module settings are the same for each version so let's set that up, add a blog module and apply the following settings

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This is the most basic. You want to make sure that your About Us page is attractive and compelling—a nice balance of graphics/photos and text. Look at the flow, whether that is having sub-pages within your About section, or simply scrolling through. Most of all, keep it in line with your brand Theme Hunter | Tumblr's #1 Source For Themes! Find your next Tumblr theme or learn to make your own from our variety of resources! We reblog themes, tutorials and scripts. Theme makers are welcomed to submit their themes and resources to be showcased here. We track. #theme hunter & #themehunter By Rohan Ayyar. One of the relatively newer social media platforms (Tumblr was founded in 2007), Tumblr has seen some spectacular growth in the last couple of years. With about 189 million blogs hosted on Tumblr, 93 million new posts every single day, and about 42% of the entire domestic traffic of the United States visiting Tumblr blogs, it is well and truly a force to reckon with

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Tumblr prohibits obscene, pornographic, abusive, indecent behavior and members younger than 18. However, text, images, and videos depicting full nudity and sex acts are rampant on the site and extremely easy to find. Users can chat with each other if they follow each other's blogs, so it's possible that teens could chat with adults in real time Step 1: Name your blog and buy a matching domain name. Coming up with a name for your new blog might be the hardest step. You can start brainstorming by coming up with a short mission statement or by listing words that describe your cooking style, your lifestyle, your background, etc. Throw in your name and/or your dog's name In my second attempt at blogging with this blog (Magnet4Blogging), I decided to wait around for 6 months. Even though I already had a small community and readership from my first blog. But, I decided to focus very hard on just content creation and growing my email list

Tumblr Name Generator. Choose cool tumblr names with the Mookychick tumblr name generator. Generate up to 20 random names in one go. Use this free online generator as many times as you like. When choosing a new tumblr name you've either got too many options running through your mind or not enough. First, check out our tips on choosing a cool. Create a Campaign Home: Creating a dedicated Tumblr blog to house the campaign was a great idea. There are more options and companies than ever to help you pull in and house user-generated content (Mass Relevance, Olapic, Postano, and more). Make sure the home you create for a campaign, whether it's your website, microsite, or blog is highly.

Step 1: Make an Account on Tumblr.com. Go to the address bar and type in www.tumblr.com. The page should open up like the image above and will give you an option to either sign up or . If you already have a tumblr account you can and have to option to create a separate blog but use the same information Select Create Pin. Click Save from site and enter the website URL where the image you want to Pin is. Click the directional chevron right icon. Select an image and click Add to Pin. Add a title and description. Click Select above the title, then click Save next to the board you want to save the Pin to or click Create board to create a new on CS619 Design Document Sample Download - How to Prepare cs619 Final Project Design Document Deliverable - Design Document how to create Video / Sample | CS619 Final Project deliverables : DESIGN document is the second cs619 final project deliverable in #VU #CS619 Final Project for the students of #BSCS, #BSSE, #BSIT, #MCS and #MIT.After CS619 final project selection either by a single. I highly recommend that you do the following test. Some URLs contain information that helps keep track of whether you are logged in to a site or not. What you can do to double check this is to create a private browsing window in Firefox (or an incognito window in Chrome) then go to your Tumblr, and click the links in the private window Finally! Is online the new tutorial How to Create a WALK CYCLE IN 15 STEPS, detailed explained in all the steps! I hope you'll find it easy to follow and it probably has been the more difficult video so far, I really spent most of the time trying to find the best way to explain you each step and why the body moves in a certain way it's pretty long compared to all the other videos.

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Restore a deleted blog. In the top left, click Down arrow . Under Deleted blogs, click the blog you want to restore. Click Undelete. Your restored blog will show up in the Your blogs list and you'll be able to post to it. My blog isn't in the list of deleted blogs. If your blog isn't in the list of deleted blogs: Make sure you're. Setup WordPress to Create a Separate Blog Page. WordPress allows you to easily configure your website to have a custom home page. This feature also allows you to choose any other page on your website to be used as your blog page. First, you need to create two pages in WordPress that you would like to use as your homepage and blog page Using clean brushes and the correct amount of paint when trying to create secondary colors can make or break a painting regardless of the artist's skill level. Chanel insured that participants would practice this by only receiving primary colors, white, and black on their palettes Pop in your blog title and enter the URL of the expired high page authority Tumblr blog. Then click Create Blog and you are done. It's fast and easy to add an expired Tumblr blog to an existing account. Every now and again someone will beat you to registering the expired Tumblr blog. This is what you will see if this happens

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A Quick Defense of the English Language as Told by a Very Passionate Tumblr Blog People who are learning English as a second language will often tell you that it's not exactly easy. There are a lot of things about English that jus 3 Answers3. I've never used the Tumblr API, but it looks like you should be able to build a list of tags - but there is no built in method for it. First you'll have to find the total # of posts in the blog by querying the /info method 1. The URL for that is The second piece is a prompt from the Sideshow Theater. It involved creating a poster for a show about conjoined twins, Violet and Daisy. The next project, was an editorial illustration for an article. I chose to create a fake article about the decline in real interactions because of technology. The second to final project was about an event of. Part 3: The Core. We've come now to the core: who your character is deep down. This section in the character profile worksheet covers the heart of your character. If a backstory shapes a dynamic character, this will define them. More importantly, it will help inform the two most important points leading up to your novel: the.

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For example, free blogs created at Blogger use blogspot.com within the URL. You can run a web search for that using Google's inurl command (see the image above) to find all the sites that are hosted there. Tumblr is another blogging platform, and finding ones to read there is even easier. Use the search bar at the top of the site to see what. Say hello to Swarm 5.0. Swarm 5.0 is available now on iOS and Android. Our newest and biggest app update stems from what we've heard directly from YOU, our Swarm community, and the top reason you love the app so much: lifelogging.. For many of you, Swarm is an app you use for yourself — checking in to create a lifelog, a collection of all the places you've ever been, neatly organized in. Tumblr plans to roll out Post+ broadly in the fall. It will keep five percent of subscription payments, The Verge notes, with the rest going to bloggers. Creators will receive less if a reader.

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