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KS2 Design and Technology lesson planning, projects and ideas. We've created these complete Key Stage 2 DT schemes of work with busy teachers in mind! That's why they include detailed lesson planning for a range of fun projects - each with slides and a choice of differentiated learning activities Explore our enormous collection of teaching ideas and classroom activities to use Lego with your children. Includes a huge range of cross-curricular ideas and downloadable resources for all ages and abilities! View. 5 - 11

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  1. Early Key Stage 2 project planners and additional resources Years 3/4 Structures Shell structures Key learning Generate and develop realistic ideas and design criteria collaboratively and through analysis of existing products. Order the stages of making; selecting tools and using with some accuracy
  2. Invent, design and build with these creative DT projects. Design and technology lessons offer pupils the chance to learn new skills, experiment with different ideas and create carefully-designed products. Here, we've selected a few of the most imaginative DT resources the Tes community has to offer
  3. Providing Specialist Design & Technology INSET. Team Teach Workshops. Support & Advice. Curriculum Material
  4. Jan 6, 2021 - Explore Rachel Haddell's board Teaching ideas: DT, followed by 182 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about stem activities, stem projects, science for kids
  5. Keep DT pupils stimulated until the very end of the academic year with this selection of hands-on challenges, activities and games GB. Ideas for starting new topics in DT Ideas for starting new topics in DT Introductory activities and presentations to capture learners' attention in DT. 11 Jan 17
  6. Upper Key Stage 2. Topics. Hamilton's UKS2 cross-curricular topics cover objectives across the national curriculum for England: history, geography, art & design, music, physical education (PE), computing, design & technology (D&T), English, maths and science and personal, social & heath education (PSHE). They are designed to engage children.

Primary resources for cross curricular topics. Explore our series of primary resources, supporting the teaching of science through cross curricular topics. Including topics such as history, music, art and geography, these resources have been organised into the three following age groups 5 at-home design and technology projects for primary children. Design and technology is part of the national curriculum. Teacher and parent Phoebe Doyle offers some practical D&T project ideas and suggestions to help your child get hands-on, boost their confidence and have fun (and make mess!) with materials at home

We hope you enjoyed learning about Design and Technology Project Ideas. Visit the Twinkl website to download these resources:Design and Technology ideas - ht.. KS2 Design and Technology learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organised by topic That's why we're here to help, providing you with a range of top-quality KS2 Design and Technology ideas and easy-to-use resources at your fingertips. All of our DT primary resources are teacher-made to ensure that you are provided with comprehensive and high-quality materials that support the design and technology curriculum in the UK

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Design Technology teaching resources for early years, KS1 & KS2. Here is our library of primary D&T resources to take your pupils through the design process from construction to evaluation. Includes creative teaching ideas, planning worksheets and evaluation grids This KS2 Design and Technology area helps children at Key Stage 2 level to develop their creative and building skills. Within the general Design and Technology area children are able to find lots of information and activities relating to crafts, materials, tools and structures. There are links to many external Design and Technology-related. Make planning easy with our Design and Technology ideas KS2. Coming up with ideas, finding suitable DT primary resources, and collecting materials for craft activities can make Design and Technology lessons time-consuming to prepare. We at Twinkl understand this is a stressful aspect of teaching careers Design and Technology lesson plans, projects and activities for primary teachers. These DT units include 5-6 lesson plans with slides, activities and printable resources such as worksheets, challenge cards, information about working safely with tools and materials, or instructions for designing and making. They are highly differentiated and. Jun 28, 2021 - A collection of ideas for teaching DT lessons in primary schools. See more ideas about primary school, teaching, lesson


Age Range: 7 - 16. By: Practical Action. Challenge your students to take part in this exciting renewable energy challenge! Includes instructions for teachers, a related poster and certificates for your children. Additional resources and related videos are available on Practical Action's site Four 'Digital world' units for KS2 teaching how to apply understanding of programming to control and monitor products designed for specific purposes. These units also provide opportunities to develop 2D and 3D CAD skills and develop knowledge of key events and individuals in D&T Sandwich Snack Design (Stuart Mycroft) Salad & Bread Tasting (Adele Blarney) DOC. Smoothie Evaluation (Hayley Shortt) DOC. Smoothie Evaluation (Lisa Mcglinn) DOC. Designing a new drink (Michelle Haskew) PDF. Smoothies & Cocktails Booklet (Vikki Harris) DOC. Design a Smoothie (Emma Lunt) DOC. Sandwich Design Sheets (Natalie Wright) DOC Design. Pupils should be taught to: Use research and develop design criteria to inform the design of innovative, functional, appealing products that are fit for purpose, aimed at particular individuals or groups. Generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas through discussion, annotated sketches, cross-sectional and exploded diagrams. KS2 art ideas - Learn about William Morris and the Victorians in this medium-term plan Parental engagement - Parentkind's Blueprint for Parent-Friendly Schools Books for topics KS1 - Explore emotions and what they mean with The Colour Monster by Anna Llena

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Evaluate their ideas and products against their own design criteria and consider the views of others to improve their work. Generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas through discussion, annotated sketches, cross-sectional and exploded diagrams, prototypes, pattern pieces and computer-aided design DT KS2 Last modified by Ancient Greek soldiers were also known as Hoplites. They carried a large shield often made of wood. These were painted by the individual soldiers to their own design. Our hoplite shield below is made out of a paper plate and some imagination

Alexander Graham Bell KS2 DT lesson. In this Alexander Graham Bell KS2 DT lesson, children will learn all about the invention of the telephone, its history, and how it has developed and changed over time. Additionally, they'll develop their evaluative skills when using string telephones, and have an opportunity to design a phone of the future Nuffield Primary Design and Technology. The Nuffield Foundation began supporting design and technology in 1990 by establishing the Nuffield Design and Technology Project. The project's approach focused on 'combining the intellectual with the practical'. A wide range of curriculum materials were produced that work well in the classroom File previews. doc, 1.74 MB. At the end of the unit we held a Greek Resturant - where the pupils organised the whole thing. The pupils took roles like cashier, waiter/waitress, entertainment, decorators etc. They loved it! and it was a great opportunity for parents and pupils to share and eat the bread they had made Design Technology. Make an Ancient Egyptian reed boat using these instructions. Make a game of Senet with these tips. Make a shaduf out of lego. Hold an Ancient Egyptian banquet, remember to sit on the floor and have a water bowl nearby to dip your hands in! Try some Ancient Egyptian foods like figs, lentils, honey and dates Try out some of our teaching ideas for a themed day about Ancient Greece, or during your history and topic work. If you have any other ideas of your own, let us know by adding a comment! Teaching Ideas and Resources: English. Use these resources to act out some Greek myths: Perseus Role Play; Narcissus Role Play; Make a storyboard to retell a.

Age Range: 7 - 11. By: Sandra Lloyd-Jones. Give children corrugated card levers and split pins and ask them to design a scissor mechanism to represent 'something which rises or jumps'. I used this originally to link with our Year 3 language project based on 'George's Marvellous Medicine' to represent Grandma rising in her chair. Later I gave an. KS2 DT project - make your own merry go round. Children in Years 5 and 6 will enjoy practising and extending their knowledge of electrical circuitry and switches by making this wonderfully colourful merry-go-round. Just follow the step-by-step guide to make this exciting, pulley-driven fairground ride Curriculum Notes. This clip is suitable for teaching Design & Technology at KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 2nd level in Scotland PLEASE NOTE you need activinspire to open the flipcharts. Series of lessons linked to KS2 space topic and astronauts- design a rocket capable of taking tourists into space based on study of past spacecraft. lessons 1- studying past spacecraft. lesson 2- construction materials make spacecraft. lesson 3- design own space tourist rocket

GCSE Physics GCSE Assessment KS5 Science - Full Collection RSE: Relationships and Sex Education Teacher Toolbox Humanities Languages Art, Design & Technology Physical Education KS3 PE KS4/GCSE PE Free Taster Packs Form Time Ideas Secondary School Summer Catch-up Senior Leadership Tea Our lovely DT primary resources include a range of fantastic ideas for your KS2 Design and Technology lessons. These include ideas for anything including worksheets, presentations and activities. Whether it's baking a cake, designing clothes for a caveman, or building a rocket ship, we can help fuel your next DT project

Investigate and analyse a range of existing products. Maths. Year 3 - Draw 2D shapes and make 3D shapes using modelling materials; recognise 3D shapes in different orientations and describe them. Year 4 - Compare and classify geometric shapes, including quadrilaterals and triangles, based on their properties and sizes Pupils needing extra support: May need support when using pliers A metal tool used for holding, twisting or cutting wire. to shape The form of an object. the wire A thin piece of copper thread which conducts electricity to connect circuit components together.. Pupils working at greater depth: Should create more complex shapes with the wire and assemble To put all parts together to form the. Art and Design / DT KS2: How to design a moving shop window display. Mechanical engineer Abbie Hutty helps a team of children to research, design and make a moving Roald Dahl themed toy shop. Key stage 2 digital literacy. Help your child understand how to use technology safely and respectfully and how to keep personal information private. Age range: 5-7. My school day: introducing computer science ideas at KS1. Introduce a number of computer science ideas by looking at a school day In this DT lesson, KS1 pupils will learn about the invention process and how inventions solve problems. KS2 Key Stage 2 KS2 Adobe Reader. KS2 art ideas - 6-week self portraits medium-term lessons plan Julianne Britton KS2 art ideas - William Morris. School funding - the Government's Education Recovery Plan falls some way short of.

Mar 1, 2014 - Explore Mrs Walford's board KS2 DT collaboration project on Pinterest. See more ideas about e textiles, soft circuits, textile tutorial This KS2 geography and DT lesson encourages pupils to ask questions about their food and its production - how it gets from field to fork - and will introduce them to some of the important people involved in the process, perfect for if you're covering careers in KS2 Your children can have hours of fun with these Ancient Egyptian craft ideas. They can:make a pyramid out of card; make an ancient Egyptian amulet out of salt dough; design their own Egyptian God or Goddess; make an Egyptian cat mask; design jewellery; or make an Egyptian Sarcophagus Mask out of clay.You can print out this sheet and reuse it each time you need ideas for Ancient Egyptian craft. KS2 Design and Technology Development learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers Take feedback on ideas (5 mins) 2. Show class a (partial) deconstruction of a simple, modern sandal, labelling and asking about different parts and materials, discuss how each part is joined eg glue, stitching (10-15mins) If time finish deconstruction and put all onto a board with labels

Key Stage 2, Subjects. Are you a teacher? Computing Design & Technology Drama English English Grammar English Reading for Pleasure English Spelling French Geography History Maths Music Physical Education RSHE (PSHE) Religious Education Science Spanish. More pages on this website. Site Map KS1/2 Design & Technology. Use a range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks [for example, cutting, shaping, joining and finishing. Evaluate their ideas and products against design criteria. Build structures, exploring how they can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable. n.b. The most straightforward way to make a kite frame is.

  1. Mar 19, 2016 - Explore Hilary McDevitt's board Ancient Greece Project Ideas on Pinterest. See more ideas about ancient greece projects, ancient greece, ancient. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures
  2. KS2 Art and Design learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organised by topic
  3. Creative KS2 topic: the Tudors. Dave Lewis shows you how to turn the sinking of the Mary Rose into a science experiment as part of his cross-curricular Tudor topic... On July 19th 1545, King Henry VIII stood atop the keep at Southsea Castle ready to witness yet another battle in the long running Anglo-French conflict
  4. Design and technology workshop for schools. KS2 Maths. Lego Robot. School workshops. All Lego is either washed in bleach, rinsed and dried and or left for 72 hours before being used again. When in school I use different Lego in each year group / bubble. Items that can not be washed ( motors batteries etc) are wiped with anti virus wipes
  5. DT Year 4. Pop up storybook . Name: Date: Below sketch mechanism ideas for your groups pop up books. Have a go making your mechanisms and moving parts. I will learn to evaluate my design. Stick a photo of your groups finished pop up storybook and answer the following questions
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  7. KS2 D&T Lesson Plan - Study Mechanical... Children never seem to tire of the magic of moving picture books. They are often the most worn and well- used books in the school library and children enjoy bringing their own 'lift the flap' and 'pull the tab' books into school. 'Mechanisms' is a requirement in KS1 D&T, progressing to.

KS1 (5-7), KS2 (7-11). Let trees inspire some creative writing with a selection of our favourite activities, designed to improve skills in reading, writing and spoken language. Find out more. PDF download Forest bathing activity sheets. 16 October 2020 KS2, KS3. Take part in this short activity to practise mindfulness with your class.. A KS2 lesson that encourages pupils to consider the Pros and Cons of plastic before making and justifying a personal opinion about the positive and negatives associated with plastic. Issues and Concerns KS2 Lesson Guide Plastic Recycling Science speaking skills Sustainability DT2/1.1 Design. DT2/1.1a use research and develop design criteria to inform the design of innovative, functional, appealing products that are fit for purpose, aimed at particular individuals or groups. DT2/1.1b generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas through discussion, annotated sketches, cross-sectional and exploded diagrams, prototypes, pattern pieces and computer-aided desig DT progression KS2 Objective Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Design: use research and develop design criteria to inform the design of innovative, functional, their ideas through discussion, annotated sketches, cross-sectional and exploded diagrams, prototypes, pattern pieces and computer-aided desig KS2 Design and Technology - Logos and Badges. lesson is designed to help pupils think about logos and badges in terms of how they establish identities. The idea is to step back from the identification of a logo with a product and to think about their function in terms of allegiances and cultural identity

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  1. There are increased technical demands and significant CPD needs for KS2. For example in particular applying computing to programme, monitor and control products and using computer aided design to develop and communicate ideas. It is a good idea for colleagues to look at the primary section of the Design and Technology subject association website
  2. Text Ideas: Linking English to Design Technology Text Year Group Links The Gingerbread Man - Trad EYFS KS1 Food tech The Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle EYFS KS1 Make a fruit salad The Junkyard Dragon - Beth Webb EYFS KS1 Materials/food The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch - Ronda Armitage EYFS KS1 Make lighthouse ways of delivering the lunch pulleys etc
  3. Step 5. Turn the plastic pot and tube assembly upside down. Use a crocodile lead to attach the battery holder to the switch. Attach a second crocodile lead to the second switch contact, and a third crocodile lead to the second battery lead. Feed the two loose ends down through the tube until they are sticking out the other end
  4. When the students' ideas are exhausted, have each table share with the class a few of the more creative ideas. Explain that now each group will design a flying machine. They need to incorporate the ideas and concepts covered in all the previous lessons of the Airplanes unit, especially drag, thrust, lift and weight. Make a word web on the board.
  5. Stimulating and exciting DT experiences enable them to use and develop their observational skills and instil a curiosity for how things work. Our curriculum encourages the children to become independent, creative problem-solvers who demonstrate resilience in the face of difficulties and an ability to edit and improve their design ideas as they.
  6. Playscripts KS2 (Year 3-6). Short unique funny educational scripts for Key Stage 2: Suitable for assemblies and class teaching. Why should we use drama in the classroom. Select a topic and find a resource: Myths and legends, Christmas, Romans, Tudor

British history. Back to the top. The Anglo-Saxons. The Great Fire of London. The Gunpowder Plot. The Plague. The Romans. The Tudors. The Victorians Key Stage 2 Drama Lesson Ideas. Drama is a natural learning method for key stage two pupils. But where do you start? Here are eleven recommended ideas and books to get you going. Ten Second Objects - I use this in just about every drama session I run - it's great fun and only takes ten seconds! Freeze Frames - this classic method can be. Rainforest Art Ks1 Google Search Dt Rainforest Classroom. 25 Rainforest Animal Crafts For Kids Mom Endeavors Rainforest. Top 25 Inspirational Classroom Display Ideas. by himsa at 10:13 PM No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest. Tags: rainforest art ideas ks2

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KS2 Writing Ideas Pop | Learn A KS2 lesson guide to develop writing skills within a range of different text types, including: poetry, persuasive writing, newspaper articles and more How to make a simple moving vehicle. A moving vehicle design challenge including simple instructions for making a vehicle with a rotating axle and one with a fixed axle. Download the adaptable Word resource. ( subscribers only) Download the free PDF resource Ideas and activities to keep your tutor group engaged during form time. A fresh set of activities is generated each time you visit Key stage 2 history Welcome to the Key Stage 2 section of Keystage history where you will find masses of advice on how to make history both fun and satisfyingly challenging. You will be helped to design and plan an exciting primary history curriculum and taking into account the difficult areas of assessment and progression and mindful of the.

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Set in Paris in the 1930s, the book's hero, Hugo, is an orphan who lives alone inside the walls of a train station. The one possession he has he guards fiercely - a small notebook of mechanical drawings and notes which belonged to his late father. Hugo's world collides with a bitter old man and his daughter to reveal incredible secrets. Find out with this fun science experiment for kids. Make a Snowflake. Have fun making your own crystal snowflake with a little help from some borax and a few other easy to find household items. Make a Rainbow. Use sunlight and water to make your own rainbow with this cool activity that helps explain how rainbows work Information, guidance and support for Hertfordshire schools and academie History, Geography, Science, English, Physical Education, Music, Art, Design & Technology, Maths and Computing All our listings are for UK visits and are to help primary school teachers find school trip ideas for infants and junior school children

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Detailed instructions and more ideas are outlined at our Diorama Plants craft page. Glue the plants to the box using a glue gun. 12 Create rainforest animals. Draw rainforest animals or cut them out from old magazines. You can also print out any of the rainforest animal sets below on A4 or Letter size card stock. Color and cut out the animals Design Technology, Art and PE / Dance. The songs Living, living River Nile evokes the River Nile bringing life to the desert; also the nearby monumental buildings and their mystery, as well as boats and trade along the river and the Nile's wildlife. Build that pyramid is a lively, energetic work song with fun actions and creative ideas First of all - breathe! Then, fire up the computer or your mobile gadget, click on www.supplybag.co.uk, go to In School, then Emergency Lesson Plans. You could do worse than taking another breath now. That's better. Take a look at the emergency lesson plans. Try to stick to the children's timetable as much as possible, where one is available

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Performance Poetry for KS2. Listening to a poet perform their own poem is a magical experience. The words come alive. When it is not possible to organise for a poet to come in to school, use videos to inspire your children. These ideas for performance poetry can be adapted to fit with your topic Each curriculum subject, including KS2 Maths, KS2 Numeracy, KS2 English and KS2 Science, has its own classroom area with resources, activities and assessment tests specifically tailored for Key Stage 2 learning. This Key Stage 2 section is suitable for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, when most pupils are aged between 7 and 11 KS2 Amazon rainforest, Brazil package. This is our complete Amazon rainforest package for Key Stage 2. In this download you'll receive our brilliant KS2 worksheets, activities, PowerPoints and rainforest pictures, as well as the chance to introduce your class to the issue of deforestation and its impacts on the planet. Also available for KS1

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Canal & River KS2 Planning Document. Canals and rivers offer diverse learning linked to multiple areas of the curriculum. This planning document will provide you with teaching ideas, learning objectives and resources which cover History, Maths, Geography, Science and Art & Design/Technology. Go to the resource Teaching and Task ideas for use in schools/home learning EYFS, KS1, KS2 Themes: kindness, moods/feelings, communication Shared reading: read together and discuss the story. Ask the following questions: DT: Make a photo frame Cooking (recipes linked to market foods This KS2 Summer Recipes Pack is jam-packed full of delicious, summer recipes including Mexican Bean Burgers, Easy Ice Cream, Strawberry Scones, plus many more! A perfect pack for the summer term of a baking or cookery club. Some are no-cook recipes and others require the use of an oven. Enjoy

in KS2, and record their suggestions Ask children to think, pair, share what questions we could ask when looking at the items, then take suggestions as a class Have list of prompt questions enlarged and displayed throughout lesson Revise how to compare means to say what is similar and to contrast means to say what is differen Chalkface cover lesson plans and worksheets are perfect for one-off lessons where the regular teacher is unavailable. Our cover lesson resources include English, Maths and Science as well as 'difficult' subjects such as Drama and Art. Download our free Cover worksheets to check if any particular pack is right for you. They are useful for both Key Stage 3 (KS3) and Key Stage 4 (KS4) Our PDF food hygiene worksheets are designed for KS1, KS2, and KS3 children. The information is tailored to suit each age group. Set aside 20-30 minutes for the students to go through the worksheets. But be aware that lot of students might not have any previous knowledge. So you may need to have a short session on food hygiene a few days. Key Stage 2 lesson plans. Before browsing the free lesson plans, find out how each of lesson links with the National Curriculum by downloading the KS2 curriculum map (Word, 292KB) • Groups present their ideas to the rest of the class. Plenary • Groups design their own chocolate or sweet, using these guidelines: - Who is it for? A goodie, a baddie, your friend, your teacher? - What happens when it is eaten? - What ingredients does it contain? - What is the name? (the name should reflect the abov