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Fork of tetris for use with red/blue 3D glasses . Contribute to harthur/dichoptic-tetris development by creating an account on GitHub The active dichoptic video game was a modified version of Tetris played on an iPod touch device (To et al. 2011; Gao et al. 2018b). Participants played the game wearing red/green glasses. All participants completed training on how to operate and play the game Prism glasses may be either a single lens used over one eye that looks like a normal glasses lens or as a stick-on, or may be used over both eyes. Let's Use a Simple Example: In fancy optics terms, prism is a refractive element that rotates (moves) the image of an object There are many amblyopia game sites that use dichoptic viewing but do not adjust contrasts, that is why it is used under the supervision of your optometrist and requires the use of special red / blue glasses. With the use of special glasses and instructions from your optometrists, you can treat your amblyopia at home

Dichoptic moving images and games. Dichoptic perceptual training has been tested in order to stimulate the simultaneous use of both eyes. In recent years, efforts have been made to develop methods of perceptual learning in vision therapy for treating interocular suppression and improving binocular vision in patients with anisometropic or strabismic amblyopia The glasses are connected to the case by a USB cable. This device is adjustable over a frequency range of 0.4 hertz (1 alternation every 2.5 seconds) to 20 hertz (20 alternations per second) with the possibility to choose a shutter synchronous or alternating The latest research into dichoptic therapy as a treatment for amblyopia is reported in the journal of AAPOS (The American Academy of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus). This study used an iPad game together with coloured stereovision glasses to allow each eye to view separate images simultaneously Amblyotech's approach employs dichoptic display, an approach where each eye is presented with a different algorithm-driven image through the 3D glasses that the brain works to interpret and correct. To encourage users to engage with the therapy so that the brain can retrain itself over time, Amblyotech delivers those images as part of a video.

Lazy Eye and Amblyopia Treatment. As one of the most common causes of visual impairment, amblyopia affects nearly 3 percent of the population. It occurs as a result of improper brain processing, causing the weaker eye to be suppressed by the stronger eye Children will be randomly assigned to watch dichoptic videos (experimental treatment) or patch 2 hours/day every day (standard-of-care amblyopia treatment) for 2 weeks. At the 2-week primary outcome visit, children in the patching group will cross over to the videos and return for a secondary outcome visit at 4 weeks

While studies suggest that such method is successful, it is a challenge to use.31 A shift away from the lenticular design and transition to anaglyphic (red-green dichoptic) images with accompanying red-green glasses overcame this limitation and permitted utilisation of this form of therapy by young children and in unsupervised patients.29, 3 A team of researchers from Cambridge, Berkeley, MIT, and others has developed a novel method for boosting perceived contrast in VR headsets. The method exploits human stereo vision by. The purpose of this study was to investigate a passive form of binocular treatment with contrast-rebalanced dichoptic movies. Methods: A total of 27 amblyopic children, 4-10 years of age, wore polarized glasses to watch 6 contrast-rebalanced dichoptic movies on a passive 3D display during a 2-week period Dichoptic Apps: Use with Red/Blue or Red/Green Anaglyph Glasses *Lazy Eye Training- $34.99 *Lazy Eye Galactic Bounty Hunter- $.99 *Eye Kare-Free ; Look- Eyes Gymnastics (Smotri) $1.99 ; VISION THERAPY or PATCHING Based Apps. See Worthy $2.99 (app link) *Optics Trainer -Subscription $19.99 per yea Several studies based on dichoptic iPad treatment using anaglyphic glasses applied an even smaller strabismus angle as exclusion criteria, excluding all patients with deviations ≥ 10PDor even ≥ 4PD [11, 18]. As children with strabismic amblyopia are detected at an earlier age, treatment should commence as soon as possible rendering them.

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Dichoptic stimulation approach. Some of the first authors to explore the use of VR in amblyopia were the I-BiT system group, who developed an interactive VR-based binocular system to treat amblyopia via participation in interactive computer games or viewing 3D DVD footage with 3D shutter glasses Dichoptic system design considerations. To avoid the effect of accommodation insufficiency, the system is designed for a working distance of 150 cm (see below for details). The experiments were performed with the subject seated, wearing Linear Polarizing glasses attached to a chin rest

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dichoptic video game on amblyopic eye DVA, stereo acuity and fixation stability in adults with mild amblyopia. Methods: A randomized single-masked design was adopted. The active 6-week home-based treatment was an anaglyphic, contrast-balanced dichoptic video game, and the placebo was an identical non-dichoptic game. Participant Recent clinical trials failed to endorse dichoptic training for amblyopia treatment. Here, we proposed an alternative training strategy that focused on reducing signal threshold contrast in the amblyopic eye under a constant and high noise contrast in the fellow eye (HNC), and compared it to a typical dichoptic strategy that aimed at increasing the tolerable noise contrast in the fellow eye (i. Alternately Occluding Dichoptic Modifier of Stereoscopic Transmission [ATmega328P+HEF4053B VGA Superimposer]: After my experiments with liquid crystal glasses used to occlude the eyes (here and there), I decided to build something that is little more sophisticated and also does not force the user to wear PCB on his or her forehead (people sometimes can beh

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In addition to iPad-based platforms, developers have introduced passive viewing of dichoptic movies, head-mounted virtual reality displays, and shutter glasses paired with dichoptic technology. 1 In April 2020, Novartis acquired Amblyotech, a U.S.-based software company, to help pursue a digital therapy for amblyopia Liquid Crystal Glasses for Amblyopia (Alternating Occlusion Training Glasses) [ATtiny13]: Amblyopia (lazy eye), a disorder of sight that affects approximately 3% of population, usually treated by simple eyepatches or atropine drops. Unfortunately, those methods of treatment occlude stronger eye for long, uninterrupted periods of time, n If the patch is placed on the glasses, the child may refuse to wear the glasses. The latest ATS studies are evaluating newer binocular treatments for amblyopia. These treatments often use games or tasks that employ dichoptic stimuli, which use red/green glasses to form a binocular percept, showing different images to each eye

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In this way, we achieved stereoscopic and dichoptic displays with passive polarizing glasses while avoiding interruption of the eye tracking signals. Stimulus display and procedure The horizontal and vertical spans of the projected display on the screen were 47° and 27°, respectively The dichoptic training. Duovision now offers dichoptic vision based games; each eye sees a separate version of the screen, and only the coordination of the two eyes allows progress in the game. The equipment needed : your smartphone or tablet, some 3D glasses (anaglyph glasses Dichoptic & stereo displays. BOLDscreen 3D provides its dichoptic display function using polarised light. This allows independent images to be delivered to each eye at the same time, for example for studies using binocular rivalry or stereoscopic stimuli. There are no electronics or active shutter glasses inside the coil A compact, lightweight dichoptic display system is provided. The system utilizes a single image generating device which alternately provides low resolution, wide field-of-view images with high resolution, narrow field-of-view images of a specific area of the same scene. The light radiated by the image generating device is linearly polarized

BR viewing with these monitors therefore requires a dichoptic image pair to be presented (i.e., projected) in each adjacent pixel row (or column), which are then transmitted through the corresponding polarizing filter on the monitor and glasses to each eye Designed to enhance compliance, Amblyotech utilizes active gaming and passive video technology with 3-D glasses, training the eyes to work together to view an image in full. Its software employs a unique visual presentation, called dichoptic display, where each eye is presented with different images using a proprietary algorithm

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Such a dichoptic display may be a monitor configured for dichoptic images (via shutter glasses or other technology), a wearable display such as glasses with displays for each eye, or other technology. FIG. 2 depicts an exemplary dichoptic display in the form of a mirror system 50 able to display a different portion 54,. All you need is the Duovision app and a pair of 3D glasses (anaglyph glasses, with red and cyan lenses, usually less than $5 on internet). Features : ‣ Play some games using the dichoptic vision process. ‣ Adjust the difficulty level of the game. ‣ Easily calibrate the colors to suit your anaglyph glasses and screen Novartis expands ophthalmology pipeline with Amblyotech acquisition. Novartis has acquired US-based software startup Amblyotech, which is developing a digital treatment for amblyopia (lazy eye) that leads to vision loss in children and young adults. Amblyotech leverages active gaming and passive video technology, along with 3D glasses US20120179076A1 US13/200,080 US201113200080A US2012179076A1 US 20120179076 A1 US20120179076 A1 US 20120179076A1 US 201113200080 A US201113200080 A US 201113200080A US 2012179076 A1 US2012179076 A1 US 2012179076A1 Authority US United States Prior art keywords display individual dichoptic eye video game Prior art date 2010-09-16 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal.

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Introduction. Aniseikonia is a binocular vision disorder where images perceived by the two eyes differ in size and/or shape. In the context of anisometropia, aniseikonia can result from inherent anatomical differences (axial length and/or refractive components within the eye), differences in photoreceptor spacing between eyes, and cortical adaptations While studies suggest that such method is successful, it is a challenge to use.31 A shift away from the lenticular design and transition to anaglyphic (red-green dichoptic) images with accompanying red-green glasses overcame this limitation and permitted utilisation of this form of therapy by young children and in unsupervised patients.29 3 To the knowledge of the authors, this is the first work to make use of VR glasses and dichoptic image recognition task for quantifying the level of ocular suppression in amblyopic patients. Amblyopia is a medical condition in which the visual inputs from one of the eyes is suppressed by the brain. This leads to reduced visual acuity and poor or.

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  1. Vision For Life Works is located in Glen Carbon, IL. We work with children and adults with various vision problems that affect their ability to read, write,.
  2. Glasses: 23: 3-8: 6 months: Occlu-pad and glasses were better than only glasses Dichoptic therapy (occlu-pad) + glasses: 23: 3-8 Good adherence to Occlu-pad treatment (88.4 ± 18.7%) Similar outcomes than patchin
  3. Therefore, the goals were 1) to develop a method for dichoptic stimulus presentation with simultaneous eye-tracking, using 3D-shutter glasses and 3D-ready monitors, that is not affected by interference and 2) to use this method to develop a protocol for assessing central visual field in subjects with central vision loss
  4. Dichoptic visual field plot of a normally reached in excellent survey articles.51-56 sighted subject fixating through a 3⫻ bioptic telescope mounted on In Film mode, the DepthQ projector maintains displayed the right spectacle lens while the left eye was open. evaluation of peripheral prism glasses for hemianopia, Optom. Vi- contrast.
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  1. Dichoptic movie viewing has been shown to significantly improve visual acuity in amblyopia in children. Moreover, short-term occlusion of the amblyopic eye can transiently increase its contribution to binocular fusion in adults. In this study, we first asked whether dichoptic movie viewing could improve the visual function of amblyopic subjects beyond the critical period
  2. Amblyopia (lazy eye) in adults can be treated through three approaches. Note that one or all of these may be required. Ultimately, it will depend upon the individual diagnosis. Vision therapy. Vision therapy is a series of exercises and activities that help a person improve their visual skills
  3. This type of deviation presents from the first 6 months of life. It is a misconception among general population that as the child becomes older, the squint gets corrected or surgery should be done after 15-18 years of age. On the contrary surgery at an early age is the best option for retaining and regaining quality vision in both eyes
  4. Binocular rivalry is a phenomenon of visual perception in which perception alternates between different images presented to each eye. An image demonstrating binocular rivalry. If you view the image with red-cyan 3D glasses, the text will alternate between Red and Blue. 3D red cyan glasses are recommended to view this image correctly. Binocular.
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A girl with amblyopia watching one of the dichoptic movies on a passive 3D display while the child wore 3D cinema glasses. Movie scenes were separated into irregular blob-shaped areas that were complementary for the amblyopic and fellow eyes so that the entire scene could only be perceived if binocular vision was used to merge the parts of the. Dichoptic movie viewing has been shown to significantly improve visual acuity in amblyopia in children. Moreover, short-term occlusion of the amblyopic eye can transiently increase its contribution to binocular fusion in adults. Englewood, NJ) with polarized glasses at a distance of 120 cm, spanning 32° of visual angle. Figure 1. These new methods involve playing computer games or watching movies on digital displays, with manipulation of the images shown to each eye by means of liquid crystal display (LCD) glasses or prism overlays. Presenting different images to each eye is called 'dichoptic presentation'

The task for was to fixate (monocular or dichoptic viewing with red-green glasses) on the response disk when it appeared and move it to the remembered location of the target disk. Under dichoptic viewing, target and response disks could be presented to the same or different eyes, leading to four conditions [green target Amblyopia is a neurodevelopmental disorder of the visual cortex arising from abnormal visual experience early in life. Amblyopia is a major cause of impaired vision in infants and young children (prevalence around 3.5%). There are different treatment options for amblyopia based on its severity and age of the patient. Traditional treatments include patching or occlusion of the dominant eye and. Amblyopia is a common neurodevelopmental disorder of vision that is characterised by visual impairment in one eye and compromised binocular visual function. Existing evidence-based treatments for children include patching the nonamblyopic eye to encourage use of the amblyopic eye. Currently there are no widely accepted treatments available for adults with amblyopia Independently of the Nottingham team, an Iranian group developed their own system, which they also called I-BiT, using dichoptic games (Pacman, Tetris, and Snake) with red-green anaglyphic glasses. In 2016, Rajavi et al. [ 49 ] carried out a study with this system

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Misalignment of the eyes can lead to double vision and visual confusion. However, these sensations are rare when strabismus is acquired early in life, because the extra image is suppressed. To explore the mechanism of perceptual suppression in strabismus, the visual fields were mapped binocularly in 14 human subjects with exotropia. Subjects wore red/blue filter glasses to permit dichoptic. Assessing Binocular Central Visual Field and Binocular Eye Movements in a Dichoptic Viewing Condition Article doi: 10.3791/61338. July 21st, 2020 • Rajkumar N. Raveendran* 1, Arun K. Krishnan* 1,2. 1 Envision Research Institute, 2 University of Pennsylvania * These authors contributed equally. In dichoptic therapy, two separate images are presented to each eye and the brain is made to fuse the two images into one image. info@axiseyeclinic.in 020-25428100, 8448440240. The individual is made to play games using red-blue glasses and this is performed every day for about 3 weeks. This cloud-based software is very cost-effective and. Alternately Occluding Dichoptic Modifier of Stereoscopic Transmission 32 v0.50 User Manual Index glasses that do not contain any electronic circuits, but reduce resolution by half (AODMoST 32 can only use half of native resolution anyway) compared to the active shutter 3D Alternately Occluding Dichoptic Modifier of Stereoscopic Transmission 32 v1.00 User Manual Index glasses that do not contain any electronic circuits, but reduce resolution by half (AODMoST 32 can only use half of native resolution anyway) compared to the active shutter 3D

treatments, including surgery, glasses, and patching, but still had unbalanced visual acuity across the eyes (‡0.1 in logMAR) and/or poor stereovision (‡100 arc seconds). Further clinical FIGURE 1. Illustration of the dichoptic-masking task. (a) The noise mask was dichoptically presented to one eye for 2 seconds while the test lette Dichoptic viewing, in which each eye views a separate and independent field, was first used to measure suppression, but has now been modified by researchers at McGill University 39,40 to a treatment based on the video game Tetris (figure 6). This aims to hold the patient's attention over a prolonged period of time Research has shown that after just 9 hours of watching dichoptic movies (six sessions over a two-week period) children showed a significant improvement in visual activity. Between one to four lines of improvement were noted versus only one line of improvement in children wearing a patch for 120 hours (who had already been treated with glasses for 12-16 weeks) For these therapies to work, the patient has to wear their glasses. 15-17 . Dichoptic treatment is also available, in which patients receive more visual stimulation through higher contrast and brighter images in the amblyopic eye. 16,23,24 . Regular follow-ups are important to assess whether the amblyopic eye is strengthening

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respectively, in the dichoptic experiments (including both dichoptic and monoptic stimulus conditions, see below). These values were then reduced by the shutter-glasses to about 0.68 and 2.38 cd/m2. In the experiments with amblyopic observers, these luminance values were 2.5 *We define amblyopia as a unilateral loss of visual acuity in th Introducing Binocular Vision Therapy. Binocular Vision Therapy is a proven effective treatment for amblyopia. It involves office-based optometric vision therapy (along with home orientedactivities) guided by the doctor and vision therapist utilizing devices, prisms, lenses and dichoptic filters to treat the underlying suppression and related developmental vision delays plus help the two eyes. There are many types of patches available to families for occlusion treatment. The most common type of patch adheres to the skin and can be worn under a patient's glasses. Soft patches that fit over the patient's glasses may also be effective. Another occlusion option is Bangerter foils. Atropine 1%. This is a proven treatment for hyperopic. Treatment of amblyopia as a function of age - Volume 35. Fig. 1. Relationship between age and amblyopic eye visual acuity improvement, in children 3 to less than 13 years of age with moderate amblyopia (20/40 to 20/100, n = 829, A) or severe amblyopia (20/125 to 20/400, n = 167, B) from a meta-analysis of 4 amblyopia treatment trials (Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group, 2008a,b. Dichoptic therapy uses both eyes at the same time. In the case of the movies, viewers wear special glasses that partially block the images presented to each eye, so that one eye fills in the blanks for the other

The mechanism of dichoptic presentation is presenting a strong stimulus to the amblyopic eye and a weak stimulus to the normal sound eye. Many devices can be used for dichoptic presentation: head-mounted display (HMD) , liquid crystal display (LCD) shutter glasses , 3-dimensional (3-D) shutter glasses [18, 19], and an iPad [20,21,22,23] Hacked 3D TV Glasses May Cure Lazy Eye. Lazy eye (technically Amblyopia) is a sight disorder that affects about 3% of the population where one eye is stronger than the other. Historically.

So, the dichoptic gaming goggles force the eyes to co-operate, because without co-operation the player could only lose. The nine participants who played using the goggles reported a dramatic improvement in the vision of their 'lazy eye', as well as increased depth perception Methods for Dichoptic Stimulus Presentation in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging - A Review. The Open Neuroimaging Journal, 2009. Lars Muckli. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER Depending on the cause of amblyopia, your doctor may also recommend prescription glasses, patching, and blurring. Some experts believe eye exercises should be combined with patching of the stronger eye so the weaker eye will work harder. Dichoptic training enables the adult amblyopic brain to learn Anaglyph glasses present images dichoptically (a separate image shown for each eye). When pair of low contrast images is shown dichoptically, a dichoptic plaid is created consisting of the images overlaid on each other. The perception of a dichoptic plaid results from a process of binocular summation. In this process, dissimilar monocula rarinn commented on rarinn's instructable High Voltage Alternating Occlusion Training Glasses [ATtiny13] 3 years ago. Unfortunately, those motor drivers consume quite a lot of power (LV8548M requires typically 1.7mA when one of inputs is high, LB1948MC consumes 15mA). Voltage multiplier won't stand a chance

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  1. Other modalities of medical amblyopia management include optical penalization with an occlusive filter placed on the glasses lens or use of a high plus lens to blur the sound eye, as well as contact lenses used as occlusion or for blurring. Dichoptic video games and dichoptic movies are being studied as potential novel therapies for amblyopia
  2. total testing time; 2) It adopts a more user-friendly dichoptic presentation method using stereo-shutter glasses through which subjects receive different images in the two eyes without any need to continually adjust the alignment of the two images, as is the case for stereoscopic mirrors. In order to test the feasibility of th
  3. There are no studies comparing the conventional modalities of amblypia management like patching and penalization versus the newer modalities like dichoptic therapy, liquid crystal, glasses etc. Atropine penalization and occlusion were well tolerated by child and family but compliance was found better with atropine penalization as the cost of.
  4. Dichoptic presentation was accomplished by using red-cyan glasses. Targets and masks were presented in cyan or red, which made them appear black in the eye with the opposite color filter and made them match the background (i.e., disappear) in the eye with the same color filter

So, as any scientists would, three scientists constructed an experiment to test their hypothesis. Eight children, aged 4-10, all with lazy eyes, watched three dichoptic films each week twice (Whiteman 2015). The children watched these films on a 3D screen and wore 3D glasses (Whiteman 2015) For dichoptic stimulation with RDC during two-photon imaging in awake mice (Figs. 7, 8), modified eye shutter glasses (3D Vision 2, Nvidia) were used (La Chioma et al., 2019). The glasses consisted of a pair of liquid crystal shutters, one for each eye, that rapidly (60 Hz) alternated their electro-optical state, i.e., either occluded or. This may be because of factors such as compliance with anaglyphic glasses, potential dose-continuity effects, or a failure of the active game stimulus in strengthening binocular vision. However, the iPod-based Dichoptic Global Motion Test used in this trial was found to be somewhat unreliable, as the portable display was prone to image. PurposeRecently, Eyetronix Flicker Glass (EFG) has been introduced as a novel treatment for amblyopia. It alternatively deprives the visual input of each eye rapidly (e.g., 7 Hz). However, whether it is comparable with standard patching therapy is unclear. In this randomized clinical trial, we evaluate the efficacy of an EFG therapy as treatment for amblyopia in children and compare it to the.

Fig. 5. Dichoptic matching task Fig. 6. Estimating effective contrast ratio 3: Assessing Spatial Distortion o Dichoptic pointing task. o Subjects were asked to fixate on center white dot while moving green cross hair to capture red dot (Fig. 6). (3D shutter glasses) Combined Percept Weak Eye Strong Eye Fig. 7. Dichoptic pointing task-4º -2º. techniques: perceptual learning, dichoptic training, and binocular therapy. Perceptual learning consists of the stimulation of the visual pathway with Gabor's stimuli when it is compared with only glasses [24, 26], patching [23, 28], or placebo [21]. According to some authors, thi Using natural-scene images and motion videos, we evaluated whether detection was reduced in binocular compared with monocular viewing. Methods Detection rates of nine participants with HH or quadranopia and normal binocularity wearing peripheral prisms were determined for static checkerboard perimetry targets briefly presented in the prism expansion area and the seeing hemifield. Perimetry was. of dichoptic viewing using polarized (circle) glasses. Figure 2: Visual target of high-resolution 3D monitor. Visual target in the center is in 3D. The lower turtle and rabbit images are used for confirming binocular separation These applications assist the user in probing binocular vision. To use the applications, set the brightness to maximum and turn off auto-lock in the iPhone or iPod Settings.Rotate the iPhone or iPod to landscape mode to activate an application, and return to portrait mode to return to the application's main screen

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Caption: A girl with amblyopia watching one of the dichoptic movies on a passive 3D display while the child wore 3D cinema glasses. Movie scenes were separated into irregular blob-shaped areas that were complementary for the amblyopic and fellow eyes so that the entire scene could only be perceived if binocular vision was used to merge th Dichoptic Masking by the Fellow Eye or Reduced Dichoptic Masking by the Amblyopic Eye? S7 7/F þ2.00 DS 0.1 Ø Detected at 5 years old, patching and glasses until þ2.00 DS 0.52 HT 108 7 years old, stereo vision 40000 S8 25/M þ2.50 DS/þ1.50 DC 3 1008 0.22 Ø Detected at 23 years old, no patching, no surgery,.

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Novartis to acquire digital therapeutics maker Amblyotech. A large drugmaker is making a bet on a smaller firm that developed digital therapeutic technology for treating the condition commonly. Stereopsis was assessed using the Randot Stereo Test at a 40-cm viewing distance. This test relies on dichoptic separation of 2 disparity-shifted images using polarized glasses and requires patients to detect shapes presented in depth. Measurements of stereopsis can be made in the range of 800 to 40 seconds of arc Dr. Shalini Kaul has more than a decade of experience in treating children's eye disorders. She has trained from world-class institutes such as Sankara Nethralaya in Chennai and has undergone rigorous training in Orbis USA program for honing the necessary skills to deliver accurate and best results in paediatric eye disorders Background: In recent years, it has been established that the suppression of the amblyopic eye by the fellow eye is the major cause of amblyopia. New behavioural therapies like dichoptic therapy attempt to reduce suppression in amblyopic adults who have passed the critical stage of visual cortex development

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  1. Looking Glass is amazing but the kind of content that is compatible with their displays in more 3D models and not VR content. Looks like my best bet is to use active shutter 3D glasses with this 17 120Hz TN LCD for my portable application. Specs I wouldn't have known to look for without your help so thank you
  2. Mean BCVA in amblyopic eye improved from 0.58 ± 0.35 before training to a posttraining value of 0.43 ± 0.38 (p < 0.01) Mean stereoacuity changed from 263.3 ± 135.1'' before dichoptic training to a value of 176.7 ± 152.4'' after training p < 0.01 47.1% before dichoptic treatment had unmeasurable stereoacuity while this only occurred in 11.8%.
  3. e a binocular Balance.

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If you view the image with red-cyan 3D glasses, the text will alternate between Red and Blue. 3D red cyan glasses are recommended to view this image correctly. When one image is presented to one eye and a very different image is presented to the other (also known as dichoptic presentation),.

Alternately Occluding Dichoptic Modifier of StereoscopicTop image shows the VTS4 setup2016 asmph strabismus & amblyopiaRarinn&#39;s Activity - Instructables