The Complete Guide to Monetizing YouTube Shorts

You’re not alone if you think that videos are your primary means of engaging your audience with your brand. To continue creating new videos, you need to develop a strategy to monetize your videos. In order to earn money, creators must monetize their videos. They cannot rely on the content as it is. Here’s an overview of the top YouTube video monetization methods that other creators have used.

Advertisements in videos

Since the beginning of YouTube, ads in videos were a popular way to monetize your video. However, they’re not as effective now as they once used to. Since then, many networks have blocked your ability to add ads into your videos. Those networks who still permit ad-insertion into your video only do so in pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements. It is especially important for smaller channels to be able to monetize their videos using native ads. You can’t monetize a video that is 20 seconds long unless you add 10 second ads to the start and the end. You can earn $0 from your viewers if you do not want to add ads.

Physical goods and merchandise

Selling merchandise, such as T-shirts or water bottles to your younger audience can be a good way for you to earn money with your videos. You can do this by adding affiliate or click-through links to your video description. This method doesn’t require you to sell any products. In your video, you can place links that will direct viewers to purchase a particular product. Affiliate links can be used to earn money in the form of a commission, or an advertising revenue share mp3 downloader. You should choose affiliate links carefully so that they don’t lead your audience to make a mistake or waste their money.

Event Livestreaming

Live events and talkbacks, as well as live streaming and other live content can help you monetize videos. To get the best out of your monetization plan, find ways to convert viewers into buyers. Use in-video buttons that will direct your viewers to purchase tickets to events. Create events and charge small fees to watch your videos. You can make money by charging a small fee for each ticket sold.

Original shows and paid channels

You can monetize your old videos if your channel has a few years of history. Charge a fee for each video, say $0.00. This monetization technique is not used by every YouTuber, but several popular creators have found it to be successful. You can do the same thing as creating a paid channel around your content. Create original shows based on other people’s video and pay a fee for every view. It’s a good way to make some money with your old videos. But it is also a way to earn money on your more recent videos.

Subscribe to stands and receive them

Stands and subscriptions work similarly to paid channels in that they charge a fee per video viewed. You don’t have to charge viewers to earn money. Charge subscriptions for other channels or set up a virtual stand to sell virtual items like stickers.

Bottom Line

There are several ways you can monetize videos, whether you want to make a few dollars quickly from older videos or you need a long-term plan to help you monetize the entire channel. Consistency is the most important factor to consider when selecting a strategy for monetizing your videos. Stick to your strategy and do not switch between different methods of monetization. Your channel will become more profitable and you’ll earn money quickly.