How to Beat Some Casino Slot Games on Evolution Sites

Slot machines in casinos make the most money. IGT, the manufacturer of slot machines, came up with Visions in late 90’s. These were your everyday casino slot machines that had an added bonus. The majority of these machines had a monitor at the top of the machine. Ninety-five percent of these machines can be beat. You can win at slots, yes! How do you ask? It was simple, it was true.

Traditional slots machines use a random generator. The generator activates immediately and determines which spin you will be given. This determines how much you win on the pay lines and what percentages you get. The traditional rule is that the higher your denomination on a slot machine, the higher the percentage. What’s the secret to winning?

IGT Vision machines have this difference. The percentages on the payline are significantly lower than for a traditional machine. This is because some percent of the percentage is added onto the Visions bonus. This bonus is usually located on the video screen. However, it can also be found in other forms. Ever seen a picture of an animated cherry pie displayed on top of a cherry-pie slot machine? Another example is a picture showing a small cartoon-like screen on top of a slot machine that shows a diamond mine. These are two examples of IGT Visions.

There are many different types of IGT visions. Two of the most well-known machines are Cherry Pie, and Diamond Mine. As an example, we’ll be discussing the Diamond Mine. Like almost all IGT Visions the Diamond Mine also has a large video screen at top. There will be three columns each that can hold up to 10 diamonds. Double Diamond machines can also be used for the traditional version. Everything else is the same except for the additional diamond. Double Diamond symbols do not refer to 2 x on a payline. They are actual graphics for a diamond. This diamond does NOT count towards the pay-line. It adds 1, 2, and 3 diamonds, depending on whether or not you bet 1, 2 or 3.

10 diamonds per column equals 10 credits. There are just 2 things you need know about Diamond Mines.

1) How many Diamonds must the machine have already? 2) How many coins must you place each spin? This will depend on the pattern of Diamonds split in the 3 columns.

The Diamond Mine has one of the lowest volatile beatable slots. It also offers a very fast bonus which is why it’s so popular with ‘Hustlers. The complete information will be available on the website linked below 라이트닝 다이스.

One last note:

If you have ever played a lot, you know this is something you’ve experienced. You noticed that you felt as though someone was watching your every move when you were playing on certain slots. You can bet it was an IGT Vision. These were the people who discovered the truth about it long ago. They are also the ones who caused many casinos to close. They would tell their friends and share it with others until so many people found out about it that they could almost get into a fight if a machine had a “Full Bonus”.

Those days have passed, which is a good thing if you want to have fun and save your cash. There are far fewer winning slots at casinos these days, which means that there are fewer people playing them.

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